14 October 2020, Geneva, Switzerland – The United Nation’s Operational Programme for Satellite Analysis and Applied Research (UNOSAT) remotely joined the training on Information Management led by UNITAR Division for Peace. This training was delivered for the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) in September 2020 in Chad.

Led by the Lake Chad Basin Commission in 2015, the MNJTF is a joint military task force composed of troops from Benin, Cameroun, Chad, Niger and Nigeria. Their mandate includes the creation of a safe and secure environment for the areas affected by extremist elements and providing support to the stabilization of the region.

From 7 to 11 September 2020, UNITAR Division for Peace delivered a training on information management to MNJTF’s staff officers in N’Djamena, Chad. Each day focused on a specific step of information management in a military context: direction, data acquisition, analysis and dissemination. UNITAR’s pre-deployment training and advisory team designed the 4-day training using a blended-format. The participants were engaged through scenario-based exercises that reflected the real challenges often faced in conflict-affected environments and other interactive learning activities. The training was reinforced through presentations by guest speakers connected remotely who shared their experience with information management in peacekeeping operations.

On the 3rd day of training, UNOSAT joined remotely for an introductory session on geospatial analysis. This presentation explained the value of geospatial analysis for military operations aimed at protecting the civilian population. The possible application of geospatial information technology (GIT) in this context were presented, including the different sources, methods and products. This session also helped the delivering team to assess the local capacities in order to identify how future collaborations could be most beneficial. Further capacity development activities will allow the MNJFT to strengthen their information management, as well as the operational and tactical planning structures in place, and contribute to the shared situational awareness between the five countries of the MNJTF.

UNOSAT and Division for Peace are planning to deliver this training in French in the coming month. For more information, please consult UNITAR’s courses and learning activities catalogue or follow @UNITAR and @UNOSAT.

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