11 July 2019, New York City, United States – The United Nations Institute of Training and Research New York Office (UNITAR NYO) hosted a training with delegates from the Egyptian Diplomatic Academy in the Mission of Egypt to the United Nations. The training ran from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm at the Permanent Mission of Egypt to the United Nations, in light of the ongoing High-Level Political Forum. The training was delivered by H.E. Dr. Ian Botnaru, Director of the General Assembly and ECOSOC Affairs Division, and Dr. Angel Angelov, First Secretary at the Permanent Mission of Bulgaria.


The training consisted two parts. The first part of the training was led by Dr. Angel Angelov. He put a strong focus on the structures, functions and the history of the United Nations. He started the session with basic knowledge such as the differentiations between diplomatic institutions, and then transitioned into the internal structures, rankings and hierarchies existing within different institutions and organizations. Dr. Angelov provided a comprehensive overview on the members of the United Nations, and he explained their roles and responsibilities in the achievement of the UN mission. In addition to educating the participants on the “must-known” UN knowledge, Dr. Angelov also incorporated the realities of the Egyptian Mission into a lot of examples, which helped participants better understand how the UN functions as a responsible international entity in multilateral affairs.

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H.E. Mr. Marco Suazo, the head of office of UNITAR, delivered a brief summary on the training in between two parts of the seminar. He expressed his excitement for the collaboration between the UNITAR and the Egyptian Mission, and he mentioned his hope for this collaboration to continue in the future. He wished the best for delegates during their trips to New York, and it was well received and appreciated by the delegates. 

The second part of seminar was offered by H.E. Dr. Ion Botnaru. He went through the structure and provided a summary of the Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly with the delegates. Given years of experience serving in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), he provided a lot of insights on the decision making process in the UNGA. H.E.  Dr. Botnaru not only broke down the steps of reaching an agreement, he also explained the functionalities of different GA departments and offices. During the session, he specifically emphasized some sources, including the delegates handbook, New Zealand Yearbook among others,  that can serve as references for delegates in the future if needed.



The training was delivered in a timely manner in the midst of the High-Level Political Forum. The response was extremely positive – delegates benefitted significantly from the knowledge related to all aspects of the United Nations. The Egyptian Diplomatic Academy expressed their gratitude, the training was a delightful success for the UNITAR, and it strengthened the tie between UNITAR and the member states of the UN.

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