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UNITAR Fellow Learning Management and Leadership Skills to Sustainable Develop South Sudan
28 November 2017
Ms. Christina Pita Lukudu is a legal counsel working for the Directorate of Public Prosecution in the Ministry of Justice of South Sudan, the world’s newest nation. She was among a group of Fellows who participated in the first cycle of the UNITAR South Sudan Fellowship Programme, launched in September 2015.  
Promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns in Schools and Universities in Sri Lanka
28 November 2017
"Our project has already raised SCP Awareness in almost 500 Sri Lankan students ranging from school-aged children to university staff. At the same time, I am also working to develop a model green university in Sri Lanka, where SCP practices will be developed and, I hope, adopted by other universities in the country to become more environmentally friendly.”  
A Commitment to Leave No One Behind
24 November 2017
"We want to engage everyone in Jordan in our work towards the SDGs – civil society, community leaders, women, youth, people with disabilities."
Nanomaterials Scientist Working Towards Regional Safety with Help from UNITAR
24 November 2017
“Since our app became available, we have seen users from 10 different countries using it. Through the app, it has created a new network for stakeholders to collaborate in order to promote safety practices for nanotechnologies.”
From Participant to Mentor, Ukrainian Lawyer Realizes his Ambition Through UNITAR Training
24 November 2017
"Now I have a better understanding of how to teach people with different backgrounds and different points of view."
Helping to Promote Responsible Fishing in the Seychelles with Social Media Tools
24 November 2017
The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa. It is known for its beaches, coral reefs and nature reserves. As such, sustainable fishing is a critical issue for the remote Indian Ocean Republic.  
Master’s in Development Policies and Practices Promotes Participant Growth and Sustainable Governance in Afghanistan
24 November 2017
"Through my work, I can contribute even more to the development of my country and ultimately to help the people of Afghanistan.”
Mr. Poem Mudyawbikwa
24 November 2017
Training the Mali Police Force Practical Techniques on Sustainable Peace Prior to Deployment
24 November 2017
 “Coaching was something new for me. The session included techniques and simulations that gave a realistic dimension to the training, while providing us with practical experience in applying the various steps of the coaching process."
Drawing a Brighter Future for the Demobilized Colombian Youth 
23 November 2017
“For me, it was not just a drawing session, it was a human experience. It was the first time for me that a professional mandate gave so much on a personal level."