CIFAL Quito was inaugurated in 2014 with the objective of strengthening the capacities of local government authorities and civil society leaders in support of sustainable development.  It aims to support local authorities to implement the new Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

Since 2017 Consortium of Provincial Autonomous Governments of Ecuador was selected as host of the CIFAL. In order to contribute to the consolidation of a State that is governed by the principles of autonomy and decentralization, in accordance with the legal stipulations enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic and the Organic Code of Territorial Ordinance, the Consortium of Autonomous Provincial Governments of the Ecuador - CONGOPE promotes programs and strategic actions aimed at consolidating the Provincial Government as an articulating and intermediating entity between national policies and the management of local governments to contribute to integral territorial development.


Scope: Andean region

Thematic Areas:

  • Decentralization
  • Planning and Territorial Development
  • Projects Development and Monitoring
  • Productive Development
  • Roads, Infrastructure, Irrigation, and Drainage
  • International Cooperation
  • Environment
  • Provincial Action Against Climate Change (APROCC)
  • Finances for Provincial Governments


  • Disaster Risk and Climate Change
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Rural Development
  • Solidarity Economy

CIFAL Quito Director

Edwin Mino

Born on May 9, 1964, in Quito, province of Pichincha. He is the third of five brothers. Son of Pedro Miño, muleteer and topographer, and of Itsmenia Arcos, teacher. He studied Public Administration at the Universidad Central del Ecuador, Local Management at the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar and finished his studies in Juridical Sciences at the Universidad Nacional de Loja.

Affiliated to the Alianza País Movement since 2008. He was Administrative Chief of the SRI, Budget Chief of the FISE; he taught at the Polytechnic School of Chimborazo, at the University of Otavalo, at the National University of Loja and at the Technological Institute of the Government of Pichincha. In the Government of the Province of Pichincha, he served as Head of Community Income Generation, Head of Industrial Competitiveness, Director of Human Resources and Administration, Sector Secretary of Economic Development. In CONCOPE he was Territorial and Project Officer.

In 1997 he generated the institutional design for the construction of the SRI in replacement of the old Directorate of Rents. In 2000, he executed participatory planning in the definition of community productive enterprises with the formation of grassroots productive organizations. In 2003, it elaborated and executed local economic development projects in the province of Pichincha. For the sectional governments, it executes the territorial economic development project, works in the construction of the intermediate level of government, and in the financial area, it delineates participative budgets as well as the design of communication strategies in local governments. In 2007, it promotes the elaboration of the Citizen Mandate and participates in the elaboration of the state reform proposal elaborated by CONCOPE. In 2010 it generates the productive public policy of the province of Pichincha and develops the solidarity economy program of the Government of Pichincha. 

Contact us

Tel: +593 95 895 0617
Address: Wilson E8-166 y Av. 6 de Diciembre 
Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

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