• La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

On 13 June 2013: “Ginkgo seedlings are doing quite well―14 good plants, another seven less vigorous, and four seeds still healthy but un-germinated. The remaining 10 seeds were not viable.”


18 June: Some twenty Ginkgo seeds have germinated. Teacher Terry Bell and the students will grow them for eighteen months and thereafter send them to schools in south Australia, where it is cooler.

24 May: Ginkgo seeds were delivered to Katherine school of the Air—a Distance Education School, one of the three NT Distance Education Schools under Northern Territory Department of Education and Children's Services (DECS), Australia.

  • With the support of Hiroshima University, a member of GLH Working Group, GLH seeds were delivered to INU partner universities in Australia. Ginkgo seeds have arrived at La Trobe University, and the seeds of Ginkgo, Kurogane holly, and Chinese parasol were sent to Griffith University. 7 January 2013. (Below photos are from La Trobe University)

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