Multilateral Diplomacy Programme


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In an increasingly interconnected, globalized and complex world, where the importance of multilateral dialogue and cooperation is ever growing, the demand for training and capacity development in the field of international relations and diplomacy is constantly rising. In this regard, the establishment of this innovative Online Master in International Affairs and Diplomacy as well as the Post-Graduate Certificate in World Studies and the Post-Graduate Certificate in Diplomatic Practice between the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) holds great significance.

Registration for the March 2019 intake has begun. Please see the end of this section for the link to apply. 

Master in International Affairs and Diplomacy and its related qualifications
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These online programmes are designed to be perfectly suited to the needs of students and full-time professionals interested in both developing essential knowledge for understanding international affairs, as well as strengthening their capacities in the practice of diplomacy.

The Degrees will allow diplomats, government officials, students and other stakeholders to upgrade their studies and knowledge with a formally recognized degree combining the best of university education and UN executive training.


By the end of the programme, participants will :

  • Gain critical understanding of key issues and concepts in world affairs and international relations as well as practical knowledge they could leverage in their professional project
  • Master analytical skills and critical thinking
  • Be able to perform in both bilateral and multilateral working environments with increased confidence
  • Advance their careers in joining a broad group of alumni across the world.


The design and training methodologies devote particular attention to:

  • Full online delivery, allowing for a flexible schedule designed to fit the specific needs of full-time working professionals;
  • Student-centered approach, in which the learner and the learning experience at the core of the programme;
  • Leading-edge insights into prevailing theories and practices;
  • Lifelong learning approach, in which the workplace is used as the main learning environment;
  • Multi-cultural pedagogy, particularly attentive at the diversity of paradigms, perceptions and intellectual traditions;
  • Multi-disciplinary approach.


The maximum duration of the Online Master in International Affairs and Diplomacy and the Post-Graduate Certificates in World Studies and Diplomacy Practice shall be of 4 semesters (part-time). The minimum duration of the three programmes shall be of 2 semesters (full-time).

Starting date: 13 March 2019


For the Online Master in International Affairs and Diplomacy: $8,300

For the Post-Graduate in Diplomatic Skills and the Post-Graduate in World Studies: $4,300

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在日益相互联接、全球化和错综复杂的世界中,多边对话与合作日渐重要,对国际关系与外交领域的相关培训和能力发展的需求也因此不断增长。对此,联合国训练研究所 (UNITAR) 与加泰罗尼亚开放大学 (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, UOC) 一道建立的创新性的在线国际事务与外交硕士学位、世界研究深造证书,以及外交实务深造证书扮演着举足轻重的角色。






  • 清晰了解世界事务和国际关系中的关键问题和概念,明确掌握他们在专业项目中可以利用的实用知识。
  • 掌握分析技巧并具备判断思维能力。
  • 可以更有信心地在双边和多边工作环境中工作。
  • 与世界各地的诸多校友一道提升自己的职业生涯。



  • 课程完全在线提供,并提供具弹性的课程表,满足全职工作者的具体需求。
  • 采用学生为本的学习方法,使学习者与学习经验为课程的核心。
  • 以前瞻性的见解,探索现行理论与实务。
  • 采用终身学习方法,以工作场所为主要学习环境。
  • 采用多文化教学法,尤其注重思维、观念和知识传统的多样性。
  • 采用多学科方法