Peacekeeping Training Programme


The Master in United Nations and the Art of Peace offers an in-depth understanding of the key issues informing the field of conflict and peace studies, illustrated by the United Nations involvement in peace operations. Built on the experiences and expertise developed by UNITAR, Kyung Hee University (KHU) and WFUNA, the Master explores different facets of the actions undertaken in the international field to promote, preserve and defend peace. The programme aims to use the UN both as a study subject as well as a source of expertise, allowing students to better assess and comprehend peace initiatives, by profiting directly from the hindsight of high-level experts.

The Master programme is designed for qualified graduate students, young researchers and working professionals who wish to be involved in the field of conflict prevention, peace-making, peacekeeping and peacebuilding, and therefore want to acquire required academic knowledge and hands-on experience that will be offered through guaranteed internships in various international organizations.

Main topics covered by the Master in UN and the Art of Peace include:

  • Context of peace and security activities – with an emphasis on the role of the UN involvement in the field of conflict prevention, peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding;
  • Theories and practices related to the different dimensions of peace and security activities;
  • Methods and tools needed for practitioners working in the fields of conflict prevention, peacemaking peacekeeping and peacebuilding.

Key features

  • Highly interactive and student-centered approach, innovative multicultural pedagogy and multidisciplinary study;
  • Access to a unique community of academic professionals and researchers throughout special lecture series, international academic conferences and global collaborative programmes;
  • Direct access to United Nations expertise;
  • Critical and practical support from a team of academic experts and top-ranked practitioners as well as field experts for specific topics;
  • Blended approach combining face-to-face sessions, with online teaching through an innovative virtual learning environment.

How to register

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