CIFAL Atlanta

CIFAL Atlanta and Kennesaw State University offer the possibility to undertake the master’s and doctoral degree in conflict management. Conflict management is an innovative approach to understanding and addressing complex problems where students will learn negotiation, conflict theory, mediation skills, international peacebuilding, cross-cultural and international conflict management. 

The MS in Conflict Management program is a full-time, 16-month graduate course of study, divided in three phases: foundation in theories and practices of the field; learning how to conduct research and apply the theories of the field to specific practice areas; engaging in an internship, or developing a training or workshop.

The PhD in International Conflict Management is comprised of a total of 75 credit hours including at least 60 course credits and up to 15 required dissertation credits. PhD in International Conflict Management graduates are prepared to compete for tenure-track university faculty appointments and a wide range of operational positions in government, non-governmental agencies, and the global private sector.

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