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As a contribution to facilitate an exchange of experience and to identify practical steps which countries can take to systematically address certain topics of national chemicals management, UNITAR has initiated a series of thematic workshops which address priority topics which have been identified by countries through Chapter 19 of Agenda 21 and the various IFCS recommendations. Many of the topics are inter-sectoral in nature and cut across the activities of various ministries and interested parties at the national level. For this reason, integrated and coordinated approaches, which take into consideration the perspectives of all interested parties and build upon existing experience, are considered to be of great importance.

Reports of the first 8 thematic UNITAR workshops on priority topics of national chemicals management capacity building are available to assist countries in their strategy development process in the areas of national information systems and information exchange; national awareness raising and education; national legislation and policies; national capacities for risk management decision making for priority chemicals; national capacities for chemical analysis and monitoring; interministerial coordination; financial resource mobilisation; and synergies for capacity building under international agreements.

For more information on the thematic workshops organised by UNITAR, please click on the links below on in the left-side menu:

  • TW1: Strengthening National Information Systems and Information Exchange for the Sound Management of Chemicals (Geneva, Switzerland, 2-4 September 1998)
  • TW2: Strengthening National Awareness Raising and Education for Chemicals Management (Geneva, Switzerland, 19-21 October 1998)
  • TW3: Developing and Strengthening National Legislation and Policies for the Sound Management of Chemicals (Geneva, Switzerland, 22-25 June 1999)
  • TW4: Strengthening National Capacities for Risk Management Decision Making for Priority Chemicals (Geneva, Switzerland, 4-6 October 1999)
  • TW5: Strengthening National Capacities for Chemical Analysis and Monitoring for the Sound Management of Chemicals (The Hague, Netherlands, 5-8 November 2001)
  • TW6: Strengthening Interministerial Coordination for the Sound Management of Chemicals (Geneva, 29-30 August 2002)
  • TW7: Strengthening Financial Resource Mobilization for the Sound Management of Chemicals (Geneva, 19-22 November 2002)
  • TW8: Thematic Workshop on Synergies for Capacity Building under International Agreements Addressing Chemicals and Waste Management (Geneva, 30 March - 2 April 2004)
  • TW9: Thematic Workshop on Capacity Building to Implement the GHS (Johannesburg, South Africa, 15-18 November 2005)
  • TW10: Thematic Workshop on Governance, Civil Society Participation and Strengthening Partnerships for Chemicals and Waste Management and SAICM Implementation (Geneva, 19-21 June 2006)