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TW10: Thematic Workshop on Governance, Civil Society Participation and Strengthening Partnerships for Chemicals and Waste Management and SAICM Implementation

Opening Remarks and Presentations


Workshop Opening and Introduction

  • Marcel Boisard, Executive Director, UNITAR  Download
  • Bijoy Chatterjee, Head, International Cooperation Branch, OPCW 
  • Peter Mueller, Representative of BAFU, Swiss Government  Download
  • Introduction to Workshop Objectives and SAICM Pilot Projects, Achim Halpaap, Principal Programme Coordinator, UNITAR  Download

The International Context for National SAICM Implementation

  • SAICM Implementation Post-ICCM, Matthew Gubb, Coordinator, SAICM Secretariat, UNEP  Download
  • An IOMC Perspective on National SAICM Implementation, Rob Visser, Deputy Director, Environment Directorate, OECD, and IOMC Chair
  • The Aarhus Convention and Kiev Protocol: Relevance to National SAICM Implementation, Jeremy Wates, Secretary, Aarhus Convention 

Developing a Governance Framework for National SAICM Implementation

  • Gillian Guthrie, Ministry of Land and Environment, Jamaica  Download
  • Irina Zastenskaya, Republican Practical Centre of Hygiene , Belarus
  • Mario Yarto, Instituto Nacional de Ecologia-SEMARNAT, Mexico
  • Jérôme Karimumuryango, Ministry of Land Management, Environment and Tourism , Burundi  Download
  • Peter Mueller, Representative of Federal Office for the Environment, Switzerland  Download
  • Jill Hanna, DG Environment, European Commission  Download
  • Marta Ciraj, Ministry of Health, Slovenia

Ensuring Effective Stakeholder Participation: The Perspective of Industry and Public Interest and Labour Organisations

Panel 1: The Perspective of Industry

  • Sabine Klages-Buechner, ICCA  Download
  • June Bolstridge, GAIA Corporation  Download
  • Rivo Andriamanalina, CropLife Madagascar  Download

Panel 2: Perspectives of Public Interest and Labour Organisations

  • Mariann Lloyd-Smith, IPEN  Download
  • Lillian Corra, Asociación Argentina de Médicos por el Medio Ambiente, Argentina  Download
  • Arturo Barrit, Associated Labor Unions-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines  Download

Designing and Implementing Effective Partnerships for Chemicals and Waste Management and SAICM Implementation

  • Vibeke Bernson, KEMI, Sweden  Download
  • Kees Hoppener, VROM, Netherlands  Download
  • Rico Euripidou, Groundwork , South Africa  Download
  • Maria Ines Esquivel, Panama  Download
  • Liz Hanna, National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme - Community Engagement Forum , Australia  Download
  • Bernhard Johnen, CropLife International  Download

Reflections of IGO Representatives on National SAICM Implementation