E-Learning Support – Intern/Trainee (Spanish mother-tongue)
Project title, Programme: Public Finance and Trade Programme
Title: E-Learning Support – Intern/Trainee (Spanish mother-tongue), (non-remunerated position)
Overview: UNITAR’s Public Finance and Trade Programme  has more than two decades of experience in developing and delivering executive training designed to provide a competitive advantage to finance and trade professionals in today’s global economy.  
While traditional face-to-face training and networking activities continue, the programme has progressively introduced since 2003 new ICT-based methodologies, such as e-Learning, to offer quality and affordable training to a wider audience. To further enhance its outreach and effectiveness, the programme has established strategic partnerships with several international institutions working in relevant thematic areas, including other UN Agencies.
The Public Finance and Trade Programme addresses the three thematic areas listed below, with a view to enhance the capacity of Member States to address international challenges in the areas of public finance, trade and intellectual property.
Public Finance
Public Finance training activities strive to actively promote knowledge and understanding of financial governance, poverty reduction, debt management and prudent financial management among public officials and financial practitioners. A specific focus has been placed on the legal aspects of debt management and negotiation of financial transactions in order to assist Member States in addressing challenges relating to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as well as meeting their respective priorities in relation to Financing for Development.
Through skills building and facilitating the cross-regional networking of officials and professionals in charge of trade-related issues, the Programme’s training activities contribute to bridging the knowledge gap and redressing some of the asymmetries between developed and developing countries in the role that they play in the multilateral trading system.
Intellectual Property
International debates on intellectual property (IP) are becoming increasingly focused on the need to integrate a “development dimension” into IP policy making. An ongoing process in this direction is the implementation of the “WIPO Development Agenda”. By providing flexible training and networking opportunities through new ICT-based methodologies such as e-Learning, the Programme supports countries in effectively using IP policy to achieve sustainable development goals.
General Objectives of the Contract: This traineeship is designed primarily to support the programme ensuring compliance to quality assurance guidelines, promoting, delivering, and reporting of training activities in the areas of public finance, international trade, and intellectual property policy. 
Required Skills or Knowledge in the following
  • Academic and/or professional background in finance, trade, business administration, marketing, communications, e-learning or related field
  • Spanish mother tongue, fluency in English
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to details
  • Ability to work with extended and remote teams
  • Availability for 3 to 6 months
Responsibilities/Description of Professional Services
  • Assist in the preparation, implementation and follow-up arrangements of the programme’s training activities (e-Learning, workshops, and conferences).
  • Assist the programme in developing communication materials to showcase its activities and achievements and expand collaboration with other organizations.
  • Assist the programme in aligning the course materials to the quality guidelines of UNITAR.
  • Support outreach and marketing activities to promote and disseminate e-Learning documentation to inform beneficiaries and potential partners about upcoming activities with a view of expanding participation and partnership from developing countries and LDCs.
  • Assist in the roll-out, day-to-day operations, and reporting requirements.
Measurable outputs/Deliverables/Schedule of Deliverables
  • Courses managed/assisted (formatted/uploaded and implemented). Efficient course administration and prompt response to participant inquiries.
  • Courses aligned with the quality standards of UNITAR.
  • Activities relating to outreach and marketing.
  • Accurate reporting of activities including statistical data.
Performance Indicators for Evaluation of Results
  • Number of courses managed/implemented.
  • Number of new courses self-checked.
  • Number of new registrations/partnerships from identified institutions.
  • Number of post-course reports conducted.
Learning Objectives:
  • Plan, organize, and manage training activities of the Public Finance and Trade Programme.
  • Evaluate and apply the quality requirements of UNITAR on its course materials.
  • Assess and evaluate the results and effectiveness of e-Learning activities handled.
Reporting structure: The incumbent reports directly to the Specialist, Public Finance and Trade
Duration of contract: 6 months
Fees: None. This is a non-remunerated position.  
Place of Work: Trainee works full-time at UNITAR Geneva (Switzerland) offices. In accordance with relevant UN regulations and policies traineeships are non-remunerated. Costs and arrangements for travel, visas, accommodation, and living expenses are the responsibilities of trainees and their sponsoring institutions. General conditions of contracts for the service of Internship apply.
How to apply: Please send your curriculum vitae and letter of motivation, explaining why you are suited for this traineeship, to pft-elearning@unitar.org. Please ensure that you attach your letter of motivation as a separate document, rather than in the e-mail text. Due to the high number of applications expected only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
Deadline for application: 16 June 2014 
Next available: June to November 2014