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Global Leadership Transformation (GLT) event

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7 Jun 2021
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0 Días
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Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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Global Hope Network International
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We face several crises that reduce life out of everything. Fear, anxiety, and uncertainty have gripped into the hearts of many as we are living though a global pandemic that became one of the biggest crisis of our time and that has shaken many to the core. 

Public policy making and sound government action have become even more important than before, and we postulate that Christian principles can guide them in the midst of pressure and confusion.


We are very excited about the distinguished speakers who will be sharing on the main theme of our event: Key Principles to Raise Hope and Thrive during a Crisis. Practical examples and strategic models of relational governance will be given on how to equip and empower leaders who could help transform a nation through this crisis.

This event will take place in the form of an online roundtable.

The event is open to all.