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Atelier de formation des acteurs sur le commerce durable des Produits Forestiers Non-Ligneux (PFNLs)

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Atelier de formation des acteurs sur le commerce durable des Produits Forestiers Non-Ligneux (PFNLs)

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Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
24 Oct 2019 a 25 Oct 2019
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2 Días
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The PAGE programme in Burkina Faso has been supporting the country since 2014 to help formulate its national strategy for Green Economy and carry out the necessary reforms at both the global and sectoral levels. The main outputs or impact expected from PAGE support can be summarized in three results:

  • Specific Result 1: Burkina Faso has strengthened and integrated the priorities and objectives of the inclusive green economy (IGE) into economic planning and national development, through multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral collaboration and alignment with the MDGs. 
  • Specific result 2: Burkina Faso has implemented concrete sectoral actions and thematic reforms in line with the national priorities of the inclusive green economy (IGE).
  • Specific result 3: Burkina Faso has planned individual and institutional capacity building and action towards IGE.

More than 20 activities are underway or have already been carried out to achieve the results.

This basic training on sustainable trade is part of specific result 3 and follows on from the study commissioned by PAGE which aimed to remove a major constraint that is the production of NTFPs to respond sustainably to the national, sub-regional and international market through a harmonious integration of all the links of the value chain and a more effective marketing strategy. This study led to the adoption in 2018 of a plan to develop market access for Burkina Faso's NTFPs. 

The overall objective was to introduce stakeholders to the concepts, principles, approaches and tools of sustainable trade and its role in the sustainable promotion of NTFPs in Burkina Faso.

The program included presentations and group works


- Inventory of NTFPs in Burkina Faso

- Market development plan for access to non-wood forest products (NWFP) (2019-2021)

- Sustainable trade: an opportunity for the NWFP sector

o The UNEP Environment and Trade Hub

o The importance of a transition to a green and sustainable economy

o Access to regional and international markets

o Notions of product labelling

Group works: three topics:

- Certification and labelling

- Policies to promote NTFPs

- How to work together to promote NTFPs.

The methodology included:

- a basic theoretical training on sustainable trade;

- a case study consisting of the presentation of a study on NTFPs trade in carried out by the DGEVCC and UN Environment in Burkina Faso in 2018;

- practical exercises in group work.

The training targeted the following audience:

  • NTFP producers
  • NTFP transformers
  • Distributors of NTFPs
  • Public institutions supporting the NTFP value chain
  • NGOs and associations supporting the NWFP value chain
  • Decision-makers at the level of the sector ministries concerned.