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CIFAL Atlanta- Wellness & Self-Care (Series)

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CIFAL Atlanta- Wellness & Self-Care (Series)

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Public Lecture
Basado en web
18 Jun 2020 a 7 Oct 2020
Duración del evento:
10 Días
Área del programa:
Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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Sin cargo
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Número del Centro de Coordinación del evento:
Kennesaw State University and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention
Otros detalles del evento:

Wellness & Self-Care with CIFAL Atlanta is a webinar series, launched shortly after the coronavirus outbreak spread across the globe, that addressed and highlighted certain topics to improve the health and daily lives of individuals in the local community and beyond.  The sessions were held every two weeks by CIFAL Atlanta and led by experts and passionate speakers from the Greater Atlanta region and the Kennesaw State University community. The main objective was to create a sense of improvement in daily life activities personal welfare. In doing so, individuals should have been able to take these learned habits and use them to enhance their individuals mindsets and well-being.

These series are for educational purposes and to provide resources for participants to improve their wellness through self-care practice.

The event series are comprised of presentations with experts, followed by Q&A sessions.

This series is targeted and catered toward the KSU community including the student body, staff, and faculty. In addition to the Kennesaw educational audience, other larger communities like partners and students/staff at other Greater Atlanta Universities are were encouraged to attend to learn more about CIFAL Atlanta, its goals to for sustainable development, and wellness tips.  

This event series is comprised of 10 events