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CIFAL Curitiba- Water and Sanitation

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CIFAL Curitiba- Water and Sanitation

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Basado en web
1 Sep 2020 a 1 Dic 2020
Duración del evento:
4 Días
Área del programa:
Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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Sin cargo
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ADEPAR, Federation of Industries of the State of Parana (FIEP)
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The new Legal Framework for Basic Sanitation was signed in July 2020 in Brazil. The main objective of the legislation is to universalize and qualify the provision of services in the sector. The Federal Government's goal is to achieve water universal access by 2033, ensuring that 99% of the Brazilian population has access to drinking water and 90% to sewage treatment and collection. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the main characteristics of the new framework and understand its need for implementation.

The events aims to bring an overview of the New Sanitation Legal Framework, its main points, its relevance to Brazilian society and its relationship with SDG 6.

The event is comprised of presentations from experts followed by Q&A sessions.

The webinars are aimed at everyone who has an interest in the subject, specially sustainability experts and sanitation workers.