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CIFAL Jeju - Policy Workshop on ICT-based Innovative Industries

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CIFAL Jeju - Policy Workshop on ICT-based Innovative Industries

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Jeju, Korea, Republic of
23 May 2018 a 26 May 2018
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4 Días
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Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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Sin cargo
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The information and communication technology (ICT) industry has evolved enormously over the last few decades. Also, ICTs are considered as a growth engine to foster economic growth across the globe. In addition, the ICT convergence market has been expanding significantly as more and more businesses utilize ICTs not only in typical ICT industries but also in other innovative industries, including agriculture, city, waste management and tourism.

In this regard, there is a growing need for comprehensive understanding on the ICT trends, good practices, policies and prosperity on the ICT industry, which can be used as the foundation for developing government policies relating to ICTs and as a source of reference for the private sector in promoting ICT-based innovation in their industries.

The workshop aims to build capacity of participants on ICT sector, whilst promoting awareness and recognition on the importance of promoting ICT-based Innovative industries. For the capacity building, this event will:

  • Provide an opportunity for the local governments and cities in the Asia-Pacific region to exchange ICT policies and best practices relevant to fostering ICT-based innovative industries through city-to-city cooperation;
  • Promote a learning atmosphere between cities and establish a strong network which can be utilized after the workshop;
  • Offer a venue for knowledge sharing and discussion and motivate participants to discuss the current status and issues of ICT industry in their regions.

The training will be composed of the following sessions:

[Session 1] ICT-based Innovative Start-up Business

[Session 2] Smart Sustainable Cities: Best Practices

[Session 3] Application of ICT in Shanghai

[Session 4] ICT Infrastructure: E-governance System

[Session 5] Smart Waste Management Solutions

[Session 6] ICT Road map for Smart Tourism

[Session 7] Smart farming: ICT-based Agriculture

[Session 8] ICT-based Community Development: Bridging the Digital Divide

[Session 9] Innovation and Start-up Boost Cases

[Session 10] UNITAR-Developed City-Share Methodology

 [Session 10] UNITAR-Developed City-Share Methodology

** Sessions are flexible to changes. **

The training will be comprised of:

  • Lectures and presentations by experts
  • Self-assessment exercise
  • Group work and discussion
  • Action plan presentation
  • Visit to innovative start-up businesses

Central/local authorities and Representatives from NGOs, regional and community-based organizations, academic and training institutions and other local actors, who are working in the field of ICT and innovative entrepreneurship within the Asia-Pacific region.

** Participants should have a sufficient command of both written and spoken English.