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CIFAL Madrid - Postgraduate course: “Expert in Road Safety Management and Administration”

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CIFAL Madrid - Postgraduate course: “Expert in Road Safety Management and Administration”

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Madrid, Spain
28 May 2018 a 22 Jun 2018
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4 Semanas
Área del programa:
Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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Sin cargo
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The creation of this first Postgrade Certificate of UNITAR in Road Safety, named  “Expert in Road Safety Management and Administration” with the European University, CIFAL Madrid RACE, and UNITAR is intended to enable students to share the knowledge and experience of 42 leading professionals in the sector. This will provide them with a practical vision and a catalogue of "good practices" which, together with the academic framework, will allow for comprehensive training. On the other hand, the structure of the course offers reality-based training where all factors are related to form a global strategy which, in the case of Spain, has made it possible to reduce road accident rates in the past.

  • To promote the exchange of experience and knowledge among professionals in the sector, with the aim of creating synergies, increasing professional contacts and forming a group of reference for future projects.
  • To provide professionals with a concrete solution to a real situation in each of their countries, through the implementation of an intervention project that will be worked on by the student along with the advice of professionals.


Training consist of three sessions per day, from Monday to Thursday, with 2 hours each session. At the end of each day, there will be a time to answer questions, or to clarify issues that are better tailored to each individual case. 

In addition to the theoretical classes and practical visits, the educational development of the course is complemented by the execution of real projects, both individually and as a team. These can be oriented toward the problems and realities of each country, applying scientific methodology.

Road Safety is multidisciplinary and requires the analysis of a number of factors. Therefore, the methodology of the course offers the study of 4 different work areas:

  • International Research and Projects
  • Urban traffic and preventive policies
  • Road Safety Factors
  • Training, Regulations and Traffic Knowledge

In each work area, the problem and possible solutions are regarded from different perspectives in a global dimension. The factors will be studied both individually and as a whole, taking their interrelationship with other fields into account. This will allow for research plans for the application of preventive strategies to be developed with a broader, global vision

The course is aimed at professionals dedicated to Road Safety Management, with an executive and decision-maker profile in the area of policy, working in the fields of road safety, traffic, prevention and mobility in Public Institutions, Private Institutions, Automobile Clubs, Centres for Research & Analysis, Consultancies etc.

This course as a fee of 2.400 Euros. Fellowships are available.