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CIFAL Malaga- Monitoring pollution in the Alboran sea

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CIFAL Malaga- Monitoring pollution in the Alboran sea

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Malaga, Spain
5 Nov 2019 a 10 Nov 2019
Duración del evento:
5 Días
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Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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Sin cargo
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The UIC Center for Mediterranean Cooperation together with  institutions in Argelia, Spain and Marrueos started in 2007 a initiative to impulse the conservation, the sustainable development and the governance of the natural resources in Alboran.

The physical and climatic characteristics that converge in the Alborán space have formed a great variety of ecosystems and generated an abundance of natural resources that make it an engine for biodiversity in the Mediterranean. This initiative was reinforced with the Alborán project “Cross-Border Space for Shared Natural Management” under the POCTEFEX Program between 2012 and 2014. The POCTEFEX-ALBORÁN Project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Biodiversity Foundation and allowed the construction of the first phase of the Alborán geoportal.

This event has a two-fold aim:

To fill the knowledge gap of the post graduate students in the area of marine litter management in order to increase their employment opportunities.

To develop capacities of waste managers to get involve with NGOs working in environment areas.

This event covers the following topics:

 • Morphodynamics of the beaches.

• Marine waste: characterization and monitoring.

• Marine garbage on the beaches of Spain and Morocco.

• Measuring the toxicity of plastics. Bioassays with marine species.

• Legal and institutional basis for monitoring marine litter.

• The monitoring of marine litter in the Alboran Sea: The Geoportal-Alborán, database and monitoring of marine waste in the Alboran Sea.

• The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as a management strategy for the Alboran Sea; Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans and mares for sustainable development. A model for marine waste in the Alboran Sea.

• Demonstrative exercise: methodology for monitoring marine litter on beaches; Midday exercise at Martil beach (Tetouan)


The event is comprised of lectures, practical exercises and question and answer sessions.

Post- graduate students in the area of enviroment and waste management
State environmental organizations ( land and marine).
NGOs working in the area.