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CIFAL Plock- Management of Municipal Companies

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CIFAL Plock- Management of Municipal Companies

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Plock, Poland
5 Jun 2019 a 6 Jun 2019
Duración del evento:
2 Días
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Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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Building capacities at the municipal level is increasingly relevant to secure the implementation of sustainable solutions to current issues coped by municipalities. In that sense, this conference is aimed at developing capacities in management through a sustainable perspective.

At the end of the conference, participants will develop:

  • Management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Legal knowledge on management

The conference is divided in the following sessions:

  • Persuasion, argumentation and influence;
  • Changes in the National Council of the Judiciary (the Law of 15 March 2018) and presentation of the new Business Constitution;
  • Costs optimization in the investment process in projects implemented in the design – build formula and in the traditional model.

The conference is comprised of a series of lectures and activities to exchange knowledge between the participants.

Senior management officials of Plock Municipal companies.