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CIFAL Quito- Human Mobility

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CIFAL Quito- Human Mobility

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Ibarra, Loja, Ecuador
5 Oct 2019 a 7 Oct 2019
Duración del evento:
1 Días
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Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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Human mobility is a human right that needs to be addressed at different levels, but most importantly, from a public sector perspective. Reflecting on this need, CONGOPE and CIFAL Quito present this workshop to gather public officials, including governors and mayors of Latin America, so that local and regional authorities- vital partners to address the challenges that arise from migration-  may discuss social, economic and cultural issues generated by migration.

The main objetive of this event is to provide coordinated and comprehensive responses that aim to allow decent solutions for the population in human mobility.

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Territorialization of SDGs and Human Mobility
  • CONGOPE Experience in Human Mobility
  • Migration in the 2030 Agenda, Transversalization of Human Mobility in national planning

The event is comprised of lectures, practical exercises and question and answer sessions.

Public sector officials.