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Climate Change: From Learning to Action

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Climate Change: From Learning to Action

Basado en web
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2 Días
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Climate Change
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Sin cargo
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UN CC:Learn Partnership, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
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The course helps you understand what climate change is, how it affects you and others, and what can be done to address it. After completing the course, participants will be able to answer the following:

  • What is climate change?
  • How do we adapt to the negative impacts of climate change?
  • What opportunities exist for a low carbon future?
  • How do we plan and finance climate actions?
  • How do climate negotiations work?

Participants will also develop a concrete action plan or project to tackle climate change!

The course at a glance:

Module 1: What is climate change and how does it affect us?

Module 2: How to adapt to climate change?

Module 3: How to mitigate climate change?

Module 4: How to plan and finance action on climate change?

Module 5: How do climate change negotiations work?

Module 6: How to tackle climate change in practice?

Each module takes two hours to complete and features videos, lessons and exercises that give you an overview of a different aspect of climate change!