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Drafting Skills: Reporting and Communications

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Drafting Skills: Reporting and Communications

Cross-fertilizing Knowledge
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New York, United States
27 Jul 2020 a 28 Jul 2020
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1 Días
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Multilateral Diplomacy
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Capacitación diplomática
Sin cargo
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1 212 963 9196
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The course on report writing is aimed at helping diplomats new and experienced to the UN system with writing effective reports.  Doing so will include developing a reliable process, finding a voice, crafting reports, and understanding the language of UN reports.  By understanding the parts of different reports, who the audience is, and what subject is supposed to be covered, the participants will become better writers and more informed consumers of diplomatic reports who are able to navigate through them with ease to find what information they require.  This course also aims to help novice speechwriters and seasoned scribes alike to create compelling material, develop a reliable process, find a speechwriting voice, craft excellent speeches, and become a more informed consumer of diplomatic rhetoric in the process. 

Key Components

  • To become better report writers through informed practice
  • Apply criteria of good report writing
  • Discover and navigate challenges to report writing
  • Learn the basic techniques of effective language
  • Learn to navigate a report structure