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Virtual Conference on DIGITAL FINANCE

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Virtual Conference on DIGITAL FINANCE

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21 Abr 2021
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1 Días
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Public Finance and Trade
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Embrace the digital revolution! Learn about the latest financial innovations and their potential contribution to achieving sustainable development. 
Join us and engage with the leading FinTech innovators, regulators, experts, and practitioners from the financial sector to grasp opportunities of the digital age!

The global pandemic has slowed down development and has created numerous social and economic challenges for all of us. New digital connection platforms and constant virtual environment, including online learning could play a key role to tackle these challenges. However, not everyone is able to easily adopt to the new norm and unfortunately many have been losing the opportunity to access training and education. 

At UNITAR we feel an urgent need to strengthen our efforts in all fronts to help reduce digital inequalities and to facilitate financial inclusion through training. Therefore, UNITAR launches the new comprehensive Digital Finance Initiative with the aim of supporting countries and organizations to harness digital technologies and to build the essential digital and financial knowledge and skills of their people.

World Creativity and Innovation Day, 21st of April serves as our motivation to launch the Digital Finance Initiative with a one-day virtual conference which aims at discussing the future of finance in the context of the latest FinTech innovations, sharing best practices of digitalizing monetary policy and currencies from the regulatory perspective, and exploring the potential of digital innovations in accelerating sustainable development. UNITAR is creating a multi-stakeholder platform and inviting FinTech innovators, government representatives, regulatory officials, financial practitioners, development experts and all change agents to join us on the 21st of April and participate in the discussions about the most urgent digital financial issues.


10:30-12:00 CET - Panel 1: The Future of Finance with New FinTech Innovations
FinTech, Bitcoin, blockchain… the buzzwords of our time we all must embrace and understand well! This panel brings together leading FinTech innovators and experts who share their knowledge about the latest digital financial innovations, the opportunities and challenges this new digital era creates for the financial sector and beyond. We reflect on the need to reduce digital inequalities and to scale financial inclusion. We will be asking the questions:

  • What does financial services in the future look like?
  • Where is the FinTech heading in 2021 and beyond?

12:30-14:00 CET - Panel 2: The Digitalization of Monetary Policy and Currencies
A new monetary era is on the horizon! This panel calls upon the actions of the regulators by sharing best practices of how FinTech and other digital innovations can be supported, nurtured and regulated by monetary and other financial supervisory authorities. We discuss the challenges digitalization create for the regulatory authorities, including digitalization strategies, managing the risk of cryptocurrencies and creating central bank digital currencies. We will discuss the questions:

  • How are the traditional banks reacting to the FinTech disruption?
  • What is the optimal policy of central banks with respect to digital currencies?

14:00-15:30 CET - Panel 3: Digital Innovations for Sustainable Development
Digital innovations have the potential to (keep) put SDGs back on track! In the midst of the global pandemic with reversed development trends we must renew our commitment towards achieving inclusive and sustainable development. This panel discusses how we can embrace and implement digital innovations to strengthen our efforts in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals. The questions we will ask include:

  • How does Digital Finance supports the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals?
  • How can we leverage innovative examples and create concrete impact with Digital Finance in addressing the financial inclusion of vulnerable communities?