Introduction to Inclusive Green Economy: a DEVCO training course organized in cooperation with UNITAR, UNEP, and ILO




27 Sep - 27 Sep 2013

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1 día


Brussels, Belgium


Environment, Environmental Governance and Law, Green Economy



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Traditionally, environmental considerations were limited to "safeguards" or "do-not-harm" concerns and were generally confined to environmental specialists. Recently, climate change concerns and the fuel, food and financial crises, have started to shift attention from precaution towards a new paradigm characterized by recognition that environment and growth have to work hand in hand and can actually be mutually reinforcing goals.

Objetivos del Evento

The general objective of the course is to draw participants' attention to this shift in paradigm, and provide them with an understanding of the opportunities brought about by the transformation towards an inclusive green economy, and their role in promoting and supporting partner countries to engage in this is transformation as a path to pursue sustainable development and poverty reduction.

Contenido y Estructura

The event consists of 4 sessions: Session 1: Inclusive Green Economy: Definitions and Concepts Session 2: Policy Options and Interlinkages between Macro-, Meso-, and Micro-Level Action Session 3: Inclusive GE Planning and Implementation Session 4: Strengthening Development Cooperation for Inclusive GE


The training course employed a mixture of introductory presentations, working group exercises and plenary discussions.


The primary target audience of the course is staff from EU Delegations and headquarters including geographical desks, policy officers, thematic officers and programme managers at DEVCO and staff from the operations section of EU Delegations.