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Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR/AR) For Sustainable Development

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Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR/AR) For Sustainable Development

Cross-fertilizing Knowledge
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New York City, United States
14 Jun 2018
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1 Días
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E-Governance, Satellite Imagery and Analysis
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Capacitación diplomática
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Secretary-General António Gutteres has emphasized the indispensable role of innovation in policy-making process on November 6, 2017: “From my perspective, what is important is to combine innovation and public policy to make sure that innovation works for the good of humankind.” In today’s world, technology is the driving force for innovation. Office of Information Communication Technology (OICT) will be offering a series of 4 lectures covering a variety of topics in order to increase the understandings on technology and how it can facilitate the core of the United Nations.

Participants in these lectures will receive trainings from technology experts from OICT. The courses are designed to help participants better understand the current world’s issues with the help and appliances of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and data analysis. This lecture’s objective is to develop participants’ capacities, increase participants’ knowledge on modern technologies and eventually, encourage and inspire innovations.

To enable participants to:

-Gain knowledge on modern technologies and how they could be applied to social issues;

-Understand the implications of technology for sovereignty and economic stability;

-Anticipate and assess the risks and opportunities for the use of technologies in different regions and fields;

-Analyze the benefits technologies could bring for the UN system and how it may change the policy-making process.

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