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CIFAL Philippines - Students on Safety, New Era University

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CIFAL Philippines - Students on Safety, New Era University

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Quezon City, Philippines
22 Feb 2018
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1 Días
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Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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Sin cargo
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This campaign seeks to engage the youth to advocate for responsible road use. This is done by conducting a series of seminar-workshops targeting national and university-based organizations.

This activity aims to educate students with the proper road safety discipline at an early age so they become responsible road users. Its purpose is to support youth organizations in identifying road safety issues in their communities and to guide them in developing campaigns/activities addressing the identified concern.

A representative from Honda will give a talk about producing responsible road users – “Teen Smart Lecture.” After the lecture, an actual riding demo will be done and participants are encouraged to join the learn-to-ride activity.

The Students on Safety program, in cooperation with Honda Safety Driving Center, will make use of lecture seminars and driving demos in partner schools/universities.

Students of pre-licensing age (17 years old) from select Philippine colleges and schools.