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Common Sensing DRR Workshop (Fiji)

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Common Sensing DRR Workshop (Fiji)

Satellite Analysis and Applied Research
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Suva, Fiji
5 Mar 2019
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1 Días
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Satellite Imagery and Analysis
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IPP CommonSensing (CS) is an international project based on a partnership between Fiji, 
Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, and a consortium of international partners, working together 
to support and build climate resilience and enhance decision making through the use of 
satellite remote sensing technology. 
One of the key focus areas for the project is disaster risk reduction (DRR), where high-
resolution satellite imagery and products, hazard and vulnerability models and decision 
support system will be made centrally available to the government. The project proposes to: 
• Establish an integrated spatial decision support system for Disaster Risk Management 
(DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA); 
• Assess risk scenarios at subnational level with projection for the future; 
• Assist government with disaster loss reporting to Sendai Framework Monitor and 
development Subnational Disaster Risk iNFORM index; 
• Support development of high-fidelity exposure database for major settlements area 
utilising very high-resolution satellite imagery to be delivered through the project; 
• Provide technical backstopping to different ministries in geospatial DRR topics by an 
in-country officer; 
• Provide basic and advanced training on the use of geospatial information, thus 
improving their uptake and full utilisation of CommonSensing services; 
• Training technical specialists and decision makers within selected ministries to interpret 
geospatial risk information and incorporate this into their planning processes; 
• Utilise Open Data Cube technology and Analysis Ready Data to provide information for 
CCA and DRR; 
• Raise awareness about satellite remote sensing applications for DRR, with decision-
makers in government, business and community organisations; 
• Map digital Data Poverty and assess its’ impacts on vulnerability across partner 
countries and districts; 
• Develop a mobile application for crowd sensed verification of hazardous terrain 
and vulnerable features; 
• Assess the feasibility of geoinformation layers being used for Augmented Reality 
visualisation of risk landscapes; 
• Assess the feasibility of secondary schools becoming disseminators of geospatial 
information for DRR applications, even in remote locations;  

The workshop aims to bring together CS project partners from DRR expertise to: 
• Present the envisioned solution/possible solutions and products to key stakeholders 
and get feedback in terms of usefulness and priorities 
• Gain a detailed understanding of decision-making chain around planning for disaster 
resilience and pinpoint potential touchpoints with CS geospatial platform 

• Scope out detailed functional and non-functional requirements for the front-end and 
back-end development of the CommonSensing geospatial platform 
• Scope out reporting needs for high-level decision makers 
• Discuss data availability, sharing and privacy with technical staff 

Who we expect to join: technical staff, especially GIS experts and researchers who use 
geospatial information or maps in their day-to-day job; advisers to government agencies; 
higher-level decision makers such as advisers, managers, directors who are involved in policy 
making and project planning for disaster risk reduction and want to help build a decision 
support platform that suits their specific needs