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The Role of Entrepreneurship in post COVID-19 resurgence

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The Role of Entrepreneurship in post COVID-19 resurgence

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19 Nov 2020
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Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) have joined efforts to host a series of special Virtual Roundtable on the impacts of the pandemic on entrepreneurship and the needs to enhance its role in a resilient, green and inclusive recovery. The initiative aims at providing insights to policy makers and MSMEs to better understand and navigate this unprecedented situation.

This 4-part series will bring together international experts to discuss the role of entrepreneurship in a post-COVID-19 recovery.  Experts will be sharing practical experiences and views on   challenges and opportunities entrepreneurs are facing in the current global crisis. They will also debate on   policy reforms needed to enhance the role of entrepreneurship in a sustainable recovery and advancing the sustainable development agenda.

The objective of this virtual discussion is to identify and analyse the main impacts of COVID-19 on entrepreneurs and Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs), their reactions, as well as the support they have received to face the current situation. Discussions will provide an opportunity  for an intermediate impact assessment of the disruption, which would help to identify a set  priority policies  and measures for immediate basic re-opening measures for small business-owners, in order to facilitate resurgence and develop a longer-term social and economic recovery strategy where entrepreneurship and MSMEs play a central role.

19th of November at 3pm CET - Resilient entrepreneurship and MSME resurgence

In the third webinar, experts will focus on:

  1. How can entrepreneurs reframe their organizations to make their businesses more resilient?
  2. What are the new tools and models for entrepreneurs to manage risks and uncertainty?
  3. What policies can governments implement to promote resilient entrepreneurship and MSMEs?

The topic for the last webinar is:

4/4 Inclusive entrepreneurship and MSME resurgence (Date: 17.12.2020)

Past sessions:

1/4 Urgent priorities for start-ups and MSMEs’ recovery (Date: 18.09.2020)

2/4 Digital and innovative solutions for entrepreneurship and MSME resurgence (Date: 15.10.2020)

The event is open to all and is targeting relevant entrepreneurship stakeholders, with a particular focus on the following groups:

- Public sector officials;
- International organization;
- Representatives from the private sector, including MSMEs;
- The academia;
- Civil Society representatives.

For the 4 webinars that constitute the series, just one registration is needed. For those participants who do not manage to register before the first deadline 15 September 2020, the system would be open for registration with due deadlines -2 days before each webinar-. After registration, participants will receive the link for each webinar, one day before the event. 

Participants who want to receive a certificate of participation from UNCTAD and UNITAR need to fulfil two criteria:

a) Have participated, at least 75%, in the 4 virtual webinars (To be measure by the system)

b) Pass a multiple-choice quiz, at least 75%.

Note: Just those participants who have succeeded the first criteria will receive information to access to the quiz. Once that participants have approved it, then they will receive access to print their own certificates