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CIFAL Curitiba- Road Show (series)

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CIFAL Curitiba- Road Show (series)

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Public Lecture
Curitiba, Brazil
20 Aug 2019 to 19 Sep 2019
Duration of event:
4 Days
Programme Area:
Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for people who 15-35 years old, representing about 50% of deaths in developing countries. Every day, about 3,000 lives are terminated early due to traffic accidents, reaching a staggering 1.3 million lives annually. United Nations inserted in 2030 Agenda the target of reducing the number of deaths in traffic by half, in this sense, to promote the road safety has been a great concern of CIFAL Global Network.

General objectives:

  • To recognize road safety as a systemic phenomenon of transport, urban mobility and civic culture;
  • To reinforce the importance of recreating a culture of respect in traffic to improve the quality of life;


Specific objectives:

  • To present the socioeconomic impacts of traffic accidents, health data and the contrasting preventive and reactive paradigms;
  • To present the importance of psychological aspects in traffic;
  • To present successful education programs for children and youth.
  • Raise awareness in young people about driving and encourage road safety
  • Effectiveness in conveying the message for the audience about the risk and consequences while driving recklessly or with a lack of attention to traffic rules.


The Road Show is a multimedia educational program about road safety, structured as a theatrical presentation directed at teens and 16-21 years. The show brings multimedia and emotion presented in a great setting (usually in a cinema or theater) to approximately 300-500 participants. A combination of lights, music and sound effects are skillfully added to create for an environment specific mood and the show’s connotation.

The program includes audio-visual effects, information, testimony of direct participants and victims of road accidents in the region where the Road Show takes place with firefighters and paramedics. The presentation has an approximate duration of 1 hour. The program was developed by psychologists and police officers with several years of experience in road safety and has been adapted for adolescents, and their mindset and emotions.

Youth 16-20 years old as well as new drivers and motorcyclists are the target audience.

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