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CIFAL Kuala Lumpur: Financing of Sustainable Urban Transportation in the Asia-Pacific Region

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CIFAL Kuala Lumpur: Financing of Sustainable Urban Transportation in the Asia-Pacific Region

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
22 May 2012 to 24 May 2012
Duration of event:
3 Days
Programme Area:
Local Development
Specific Target Audience:
Partial Sponsorship is available for participants from least developed countries in the Asia-Pacific region: This sponsorship covers certain local costs expended during duration of the workshop in Kuala Lumpur and consists of accommodation and fixed local transport costs.
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Promoting sustainable transport systems has been a major challenge for local governments in many cities in Asia and the Pacific region due to various reasons, including lack of political will and vision as well as coordination of a wide range of interest groups and sufficient technical and personal capacity to design and implement policies. Often, transport issues are tackled as one single sector and not as a part of an integrated urban planning approach.

The Sustainable Transportation Systems Training Course is held annually under the framework of the Kuala Lumpur Regional Training Centre (KLRTC) or CIFAL Kuala Lumpur. The training provides excellent examples how local governments have effectively developed and promoted public transport operations and management, in Asia, and in other developed country contexts as well. It also emphasises how integration into a broader framework of city planning (e.g. a Master Plan) is essential in order for a sustainable system to operate.

The workshop aims to share lessons learnt on meeting transport challenges through best and failure practices applied in this region, focusing on the theme of sustainable and integrated urban transportation planning in the Asia-Pacific region.

The workshop will also serve as a platform for local governments to network and develop the city‐to‐city cooperation and partner with private sector towards implementing lessons learned through action plans.


This workshop will enable participants to:

  • To review regional good practices, lessons learned, and key municipal challenges in sustainably planning and financing transport projects in an urban context
  • To compare regional municipal experiences in policy development for urban transport projects
  • To recommend practical actions for possible local level implementation towards greener and more financially sustainable solutions for urban transport management



The programme will consist of the following content:

  • Keynote seminars on urban transportation
  • Sessions examining challenges in planning and financing Asian urban transport
  • Specific site visits
  • Policy Planning in public transport
  • CITYSHARE methodology in shortened format

The programme is structured into the following sessions:

  • Topic A: Understanding Challenges of Sustainable Transport in Asia
  • Topic B: Policy Planning in Public / Private Transport Projects
  • Topic C: Local Municipal Experiences in Financing Sustainable Urban Transport
  • Topic D: Co‐Benefit for Transport and Environment
  • Topic E: Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley Site Visits
  • Topic F: Sustaining High Quality Public Transport Systems with Private Sector Partnerships
  • Topic G: Action Plans and implementation



UNITAR has developed the CITYSHARE methodology as a core method of enhancing knowledge transfer for and among municipalities.
The CITYSHARE methodology aims at optimizing peer learning between local officials and other local stakeholders playing crucial roles in ensuring sustainable municipal development. The methdology consists of various processes of self-assessment, distillation, and transfer of challenges, lessons learned, and good practices between local stakeholders and resource persons. It is also composed of several tools to provide a common framework for the evaluation of experiences made by the participating cities and offer a common language for the exchange and assimilation of experiences, as well as a roadmap for action and progress. This 3-day workshop will include a shortened or rapid version of the CITYSHARE Methodology to distill specific key challenges from submitted case studies and participant interaction, to ensure contextualised discussion and focus groups on addressing key municipal challenges and the development of action plans with participants.

Workshop CITYSHARE Methodology :

  • Keynote Presentations and Participatory Discussions
  • Focus groups
  • Case Studies from Local Governments and Analysis
  • Site Visits
  • Development of outcome-oriented action plans, for short-medium term follow-up on results attained from participation in training


This is a workshop for city managers, engineers, transportation planners, and those who are directly involved in sustainable urban transportation in their cities/organisations within the Asia-Pacific region.

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