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CIFAL Kuala Lumpur: Integrated Urban Planning in the Asia Pacific region

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CIFAL Kuala Lumpur: Integrated Urban Planning in the Asia Pacific region

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
26 Jul 2010 to 29 Jul 2010
Duration of event:
5 Days
Programme Area:
Local Development
Specific Target Audience:
To be confirmed on 24 Jun 2010
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The Training is organised under the auspices of the Kuala Lumpur Regional Training Centre, in short KLRTC, or CIFAL Kuala Lumpur.

KLRTC was launched in 2003 as a joint initiative between UNITAR, CITYNET, Kuala Lumpur City Hall, Veolia Environnement, and UNDP. KLRTC aims to strengthen the capacity of local governments to implement the MDGs and achieve sustainable development at local level.

- To take stock of latest developments in policies and practices related to integrated urban planning in Asia-Pacific

- To exchange best practices among participating cities and to compare experiences of participating cities

- To initiate a minimun of 18 city-to-city cooperations through the UNITAR CITY SHARE methodology

- To encourage the creation of a regional network of urban planning' experts


- This course will enable participants to have an in-depth knowledge of latest policies and practices "that work" in Asia Pacific

- Participants will also be able to learn from others experiences and to replicate identified good practices

- At the end of the course, participants will be able to recommend successful strategies and action at the local level for reforms towards integrated urban planning

The course consists of the following 5 modules:

Module 1:Challenges and opportunities in integrated urban planning in the Asia Pacific region

Module 2: Financing Urban Infrastructure

Module 3:Urban Planning Best practices

Module 4:Participants Case Studies

Module 5: CITYSHARE Methodology


The Local Development Programme of UNITAR will use its CITYSHARE methodology during the workshop.

The CityShare methodology aims at optimizing peer learning between local officials. It consists of various processes of self-assessment, distillation and transmission of experiences and good practices. It is also composed of several tools which provide a common framework for the evaluation of experiences made by the participating cities and offer a common language for the exchange and assimilation of the experiences, as well as a roadmap for action and progress.

city managers, engineers, planners and those who are directly involved in urban planning in their cities/organisations.

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