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CIFAL Malaga- Peace Forum

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26 May 2021 to 27 May 2021
Duration of event:
1 Days
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Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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Mediterranean Forum for Peace
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There are currently two billion people living in conflict-affected countries. In these countries, women are working against the tide to build and sustain peace, and have continued to do so even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but their role remains marginal at times.

The 20th anniversary is an ideal date to, on the one hand, take stock of the achievements and shortcomings of Resolution 1325 in the framework of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda. And, on the other hand, to reflect on its present relevance and future usefulness. From this perspective, the aim of the 15th Conference on Security, Defence and Cooperation of the Forum for Peace in the Mediterranean is to analyse the role of women in three areas related to peace and security: in contemporary armed conflicts; in the implementation of movements for peace and gender equality; and in peace negotiations, with a close look at Spain's participation in the development of these processes and tools. To this end, we will be joined by academics who will enlighten us on the conceptual and theoretical framework, as well as activists and members of civil society involved in its practical application.


The aim of this event is to present the role of women in armed conflicts


Conference: Women's role in armed conflict
"Historical perspective and gender approach in armed conflicts: the participation of women as active subjects in armed processes".


Round table. The role of women in armed conflicts
"Analysis of armed conflicts from a gender perspective".


"Sexual violence against women and girls as a weapon of war".
"Human rights and mechanisms for the protection of women in armed conflicts".




Conference: Women in Armed Conflict: Case studies.
"The role of women in the prevention and resolution of armed conflicts".


Round table. Women in Armed Conflicts: Case studies.
"The case of Colombia".
"The case of Syria".
"The case of Myanmar".

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