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CIFAL Miami- Open Data and Entrepreneurship

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CIFAL Miami- Open Data and Entrepreneurship

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Loja, Ecuador
28 Aug 2019
Duration of event:
1 Days
Programme Area:
Decentralize Cooperation Programme
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This space will have practical cases implemented in sub-national governments and will seek to promote exchange and technical dialogue among relevant actors such as international organizations, governments, private sector, and civil society in the region, in order to establish a roadmap to facilitate the strengthening of the entrepreneurial ecosystem for the use and exploitation of open data.

The workshop seeks -from a practical perspective- to suggest and carry out common actions between the public, private and social sectors, which will allow the open data agenda to advance from the entrepreneurial sector. In follow-up to the Lima Declaration and aligned with the Inter-American Open Data Program (PIDA), it seeks to enhance the value that the private sector and the entrepreneurial ecosystem represent in the process of reusing public data, generating greater economic and social development in communities.


I. Presentation Experiences - Practical Cases

- Camilo Pinzón. Co-founder and Dean of EDES Business School, President of the Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation - AEI.

- Angela León. Entrepreneur and CEO of the startup ConCiencia 3D.

- Aura Cifuentes. Coordinator of the Public Innovation Team (EiP) of the National Planning Department (DNP) of Colombia.

- Martin Alalu. Operational Manager of Open Government in the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

- Alfonso Abdo. Expert in local economic development and business innovation, Program Director Sin Fronteras.

II. Dialogue/Action Tables

Participants will be grouped into defined themes to design data requirements and demands that promote the potential for social and economic impact in the region. This moment will serve to identify actions and opportunities for data exploitation from the perspective of the private and entrepreneurial sectors. Likewise, to determine specific actions that allow the generation of spaces for the use and exploitation of data from these sectors.

There will be a day of presentation of experiences and work divided into two major moments:

i. One will be dedicated to a panel where representatives of the entrepreneurial sector, The Trust for the Americas, the IDB, local governments and the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Ecuador will present their learning and challenges present in the data opening processes.

ii. A second moment will be devoted to dialogue tables to design data requirements and demands that promote the potential for social and economic impact in the region, and debate the role of the private sector in the use and exploitation of government data.


The final product of the event will be a road map that will serve as an input for pilot implementation in some local government in the region, in order to generate learning and collaboration with the private sector and entrepreneur for the use of open data. The idea is to promote the use of open data for business improvement, the development of new goods and services, the generation of more ventures or corporate social responsibility actions

This workshop targets government officials, international organizations, civil society and other stakeholders involved in open data initiatives and entrepreneurship.

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