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CIFAL Plock: Sustainable Urban Transportation in Central and eastern Europe

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CIFAL Plock: Sustainable Urban Transportation in Central and eastern Europe

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Plock, Poland
30 Aug 2010 to 1 Sep 2010
Duration of event:
3 Days
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Environment, Other (Environment), Local Development
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In the cities of central and eastern Europe rapidly rising numbers of motor vehicles are flooding streets, choking city centres and emitting alarming volumes of air pollution. Decision-makers in the region face difficult choices in the design and development of their urban transport systems. Saddled with the legacy of transport networks conceived under central planning — aged, often obsolete fleets, facilities and equipment — they must find ways to address the economic, social and environmental pressures caused by the skyrocketing growth in the use of cars and lorries. They also have to reconcile a decline in demand for public transport with tight budgetary constraints and pressure to recover more of their costs through rises in fares.

UNITAR, the Municipality of Plock and Veolia Environnement is organizing a one-day international conference followed by a two-days workshop on "Sustainable urban transportation in Central and Eastern Europe". The conference aims at presenting best practices and discussing various strategies for sustainable urban transport and mobility whereas the workshop will focus on initiating effective city-to-city cooperation. 

- This course will enable participants to have an in-depth knowledge of latest policies (Including European Union policies) and practices related to urban transportation;

- Participants will also be able to learn from others experiences and to replicate identified good practices;

- At the end of the course, participants will be able to recommend successful strategies and action at the local level for reforms towards sustainable urban transportation

The course consists of the following 2 sessions:

Session 1: Strategies for Development of sustainable transportation and mobility in cities: vision and examples

Session 2: Financing the development of sustainable urban transportation 

remark: Additional sessions might be added in the upcoming days.

The Local Development Programme of UNITAR will use its CITYSHARE methodology during the workshop.

The CityShare methodology aims at optimizing peer learning between local officials. It consists of various processes of self-assessment, distillation and transmission of experiences and good practices. It is also composed of several tools which provide a common framework for the evaluation of experiences made by the participating cities and offer a common language for the exchange and assimilation of the experiences, as well as a roadmap for action and progress.

Mayors, City managers, municipal technical staff form transportation department, Experts, and Associations of users.

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