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CIFAL Shanghai: "Information Technology and Industrialization" Cadre Training

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CIFAL Shanghai: "Information Technology and Industrialization" Cadre Training

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Shanghai, China
26 Aug 2010 to 27 Aug 2010
Duration of event:
2 Days
Programme Area:
Local Development
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On the 16th National People’s Congress the new path of industrialization was proposed and on the 17th Congress the integration of informatization and industrialization was further emphasized. Integration of the two opened a path of new industrialization with Chinese characteristics and will continuously promote our industry.
The integration of the two is a process where information equipment, products and technology are widely applied in industrial R&D, production, circulation and management in order to promote the development of digital design, intelligent manufacture, production automation,marketing network and management information so that we can improve the general level of industry information.
In connotation, the integration of the two is also a process of personnel training, information exchange, knowledge development, technological innovation. Personnel training effectiveness and ability demonstration will depend on the level, speed and quality of the development of the integration of the two. Therefore we need a team with government and management cadres who have profound understanding of the importance of the integration of the two for our industrialization construction; understand information technology application and development and grasp rules and points of informatization and industrialization interactive development to provide strong policies, systems and supervision.

The course aims to help government authorities and management officers understand the development ideas knowledge, master the methods and use professional tools to effectively evaluate the situation, understand demand and develop strategies. Improve the capacity of solving actual problems so that the government can play a better role of promoting the integration of the two.

  1. Overall strategy and promotion status of national “integration of informatization and industrialization”
  2. Basic content and development trends of Internet
  3. “The integration of informatization and industrialization” level of development evaluation systems
  4. Cloud computing basic theory and main function of supercomputing common platform
  5. Basic situation of industrial software applications
  6. The main issues of information security, development trend and the main function of safety evaluation
  7. How to play the role of basic telecom operators to promote “the integration of informatization and industrialization” for enterprises
  8. The development of national information and the master plan of the 12th Five-Year Plan
  9. Typically company on-site teaching
  • Officals from Shanghai Yangpu District Government
  • managers from private companies
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