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CIFAL Shanghai: Information Technology Seminar for the Republic of Seychelles

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CIFAL Shanghai: Information Technology Seminar for the Republic of Seychelles

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Shanghai, Beijing, China
11 Oct 2010 to 30 Oct 2010
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The extent and level of information technology has become the measure of economic and social development and an important indicator of the degree of civilization of a country’s comprehensive strength. Application of information technology has become the important driving force of global trade, investment, capital flows and technology transferring and social, economic, cultural and all other areas. China is the largest developing country in the world, developing and consolidating the unity and cooperation among developing countries has always been the standpoint of China’s foreign policy. Human resource development cooperation is one of the most important forms of foreign aid of China. In recent years, the Chinese government has intensified efforts to help recipient countries cultivate talents and improve the capacity of independent development. In the strong support of China Ministry of Commerce and Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, our training content has been continuously enriched and the number of trainees has also been increased.

The training project will inspire our participants and will be helpful to their future work, deepen the understanding of China, understand the wish of  building a harmonious society and a harmonious world of China, continuously concern about the development of bilateral relations and be a goodwill ambassadors to promote bilateral cooperation

  1. Introduction to China
  2. Current situation, development and future planning of information technology in China
  3. Information technology strategic planning model
  4. Study visits to enterprises and software and high-tech parks
  5. Lectures covering cloud computing, application of optical communication technology, internet of things, e-commerce, software
  6. Urban informatization evaluation and investigation of rural informatization

Government officials from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, National Bureau of Statistics and other government departments of Seychelles.

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