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Web Based
26 Jun 2017 to 14 Jul 2017
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3 Weeks
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There are clear benefits from working with others to achieve results we cannot achieve alone. But working outside of our own work unit is difficult, whether we are talking of working with different units within our own organisation, or with different organisations. The problem of ‘silos’ in organisations is thus very common.

Achieving the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development agenda will clearly require multi-partner collaboration, as the actions necessary are beyond the control of any one group of actors, whether governments, private sector, or civil society.

This workshop aims at helping leaders and decision-makers to recognise when collaboration is effective, understand some of the most common barriers to effective collaboration and be able to put in place practical measures to overcome them.

It will consider what contributes to make collaboration effective, and suggest how organisations and individual managers can be effective collaborators. 

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

• Describe different kinds of collaboration, and the potential benefits and costs of collaboration in the context of achieving development results;
• Describe the concept of ‘effective collaboration’;
• Recognise different barriers to collaboration; and identify possible strategies, techniques and tools to overcome them;
• Improve the leadership skills necessary to promote and support collaboration;
• Develop a strategy and action plan to enhance collaboration within their area of work. 

Workshop modules include:

• Module 1 - The 2030 Agenda and the need for collaboration
• Module 2 - Barriers to collaboration in the public sector
• Module 3 - Creating a culture of collaboration in your organisation
• Module 4 - Leadership skills required for collaboration
• Module 5 - Tools and techniques of effective collaboration for the 2030 Agenda

Learning time for the self-paced e-learning course is 6 hours.

The course is self-paced. Each module has an interactive lesson that provides the core content around the topic for that module. The lessons are designed in a way that learners are also able to selfassess their understanding and practice certain skills through built-in exercises. Discussion Forums are also provided to offer a space to discuss topics about the module and share ideas. 

Anyone interested in the topic is invited to apply.

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