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Debt Rescheduling with the Paris Club (2014)

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Debt Rescheduling with the Paris Club (2014)

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3 Nov 2014 to 19 Dec 2014
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7 Weeks
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Public Finance and Trade
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Debt negotiators face enormous challenges in their dealings with their creditors. They have to deal with the difficult situation and pressures created by the governance problems in their respective countries, as well as with the shortages of skilled personnel and of time to prepare for negotiations. Nevertheless, these challenges can be met if the people who participate in the negotiations and re-negotiations know the procedures, rules and regulations implemented by creditors in order to carry out these negotiations. In addition, there is a real need for debt negotiators around the world to share information and best practice on their dealings with official creditors.

This course is intended to develop the knowledge and skills of participants to negotiate with the Paris Club creditors and to allow participants and institutions to understand how best to establish strategies and tactics for these negotiations. Hands-on and practical information will be provided in this course, based on the experience of experts who have attended actual negotiation and re-negotiation sessions and meetings. This course will also provide ample opportunities for sharing of experiences and country case studies using our online discussion board facility.

At the end of the course, the participants should be able to:

  • Identify and name Paris Club creditors;
  • Explain the procedures, rules and regulations implemented by creditors in order to carry out debt negotiations and re-negotiations;
  • Apply the best practices in dealing with official creditors;
  • Calculate values pertinent to Paris Club debts and debt rescheduling;
  • Design strategies and tactics to be employed in a debt re-negotiation; and
  • Prepare a negotiation plan with Paris Club creditors.

The course consists of the following modules:

  • Module 1 External Debt, Definition and Related Concepts
  • Module 2 Historical Notes on the Paris Club
  • Module 3 Preparing the Negotiation
  • Module 4 Calculation Techniques and Meaning of the Present Value
  • Module 5 The Paris Club Rules, the Rescheduling Terms, and the Agreed Minute
  • Module 6 Design of a Strategy for Debt Rescheduling with Paris Club

In order to ensure the best possible outreach, the course will be delivered through e-learning. Through a multiple-instructional setting, the goal is to achieve the learning objectives by means of learning technologies that match personal learning styles and by the inclusion of non-linear learning that aims at the development of just-in-time skills of adult learners. At the same time, in order to allow participants maximum flexibility of scheduling , the learning will be conducted in an asynchronous manner. Using a state-of-the-art training architecture, UNITAR will combine self-learning with assessments and online discussions. The pedagogy - adapted specifically to professionals in full-time work - will help train participants through various experiences: absorb (read); do (activity); interact (socialize); reflect (relate to one’s own reality).

This course is primarily addressed to government officials dealing with management of public and publicly guaranteed debt. However, the academic world may also benefit from different aspects of this course.

A certificate of completion will be issued by UNITAR to all participants who complete the course-related assignments and assessments successfully. Course schedule is subject to change. Course fee is non-refundable but transferrable to another course or participant and subject to change as per UNITAR's policy on pricing.

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