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Humanitarian Law, Human Rights, Refugee and Migrant issues

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Humanitarian Law, Human Rights, Refugee and Migrant issues

Multilateral Diplomacy
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Geneva, Switzerland
23 Apr 2019 to 26 Apr 2019
Duration of event:
4 Days
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Special event
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Core Diplomatic Training
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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently undergoing a period of major reforms and advancements, which are gradually but steadily fortifying the country’s reputation at the international level. Owing to the foresight of the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the country has embraced its role as the heart of the Arab and Islamic Worlds to adopt a newly reinforced leading role in the region. As a result of this outlook and the adoption of the Vision 2030, based on Saudi Arabia’s leadership, investment capabilities and unique strategic location, the nation has striven towards a more vibrant economy, a more equal society and an increasingly transparent and effective governance.


The achievements reached by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have already been notable, with outstanding results in the realms of gender equality, fiscal consolidation, and a zero-tolerance policy for all levels of corruption among others. In order to maximize the success of this ambitious reformation endeavour, it is crucial for diplomats and government officials to gain further empowerment and strengthen their capacities in the field of multilateral diplomacy through tailored, focused training programmes. Through this effort, the Kingdom will have the opportunity to augment its potential accomplishments and gain a more united and centralised playing field in the pursue of its future diplomatic and policy objectives.
























Assembling a panel of experts knowledgeable with the issues about humanitarian law, human rights, migrants, and refugees, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the Permanent Mission of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations endeavour to prepare delegates of Saudi Arabia to strengthen their knowledge ​on those different topics. 

  • Describe the basic concepts, complementarity and convergence of International Human Rights Law, Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law;
  • Reference recent global migration issues and trends and their evolution;
  • Identify key differences which distinguish migrants from refugees; 
  • Understand the Human Rights Council, its mechanisms and their functioning; 
  • Describe and identify the core international human rights texts and Treaty Bodies.

The workshop is divided into 4 days. 

  • Day 1 : Humanitarian Law & human Rights law 
  • Day 2 : Refugee and Migrant introduction and comparison
  • Day 3 : Introduction to the refugee and migraton compact(s) & the UN Mechanisms for Human rights 
  • Day 4 : UN treaty based mechanisms for human rights protection and promotion 

Participants will be enrolled in a series of lectures, presentations and group assessment activities.

20 participants from the Ministry of the Foreigh Affairs of Saudi Arabia and from the Permanent Mission in Geneva. 

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