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International Conference on Innovative Cities

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Curitiba, Brazil
10 Mar 2010 to 13 Mar 2010
Duration of event:
4 Days
Programme Area:
Environment, Governance, Local Development
Specific Target Audience:
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From 10 to 13 March, Curitiba welcomes more than 70 experts from all over the world who will discuss ways for more innovative, prosperous and more humanized construction of urban environment. An initiative of the Federation of Industries of Paraná (FIEP), the International Conference on Innovative Cities (CICI2010) will bring successful experiences in urban planning, sustainability, mobility, management and public policy, among others, which have transformed cities into prosperous economic, social and environmental development.

Representatives from more than 50 cities, and at least 17 countries have already confirmed their presence at CICI2010. The event takes place within an area of more than 80 thousand square meters of Cietep, Fiep headquarters in the Botanical Garden which is strategically located with easy and fast access to Afonso Pena International Airport and just 5 kilometers from downtown Curitiba. About 1,500 subscribers are expected, who will participate in a series of activities during the four-day conference.

"Innovation is the only way to build a sustainable society, and for Brazilian companies and the whole country to innovate is necessary", says the president of Fiep, Rodrigo da Rocha Loures." The CICI2010 will be a great opportunity for us to put our cities definitely on the route of innovation", he adds.

Promoted by the City Halls of Curitiba, Lyon (France) Bengalore (India) and Austin (United States) and the institutional support of the United Nations, the conference is intended for entrepreneurs, public administrators, researchers, students and people interested in innovation. The event is divided into four major themes: "The revival of cities", with experiences of social and technological innovations for the construction of a new urban environment; " The reinvention of government from the cities ", that will bring innovations in management and experience of policy innovations and the city as a living system; "The governance of development in cities", a display of innovation experiences to local development and presentation of experiences of innovation for sustainability; and "City-network and networks of cities", which serve to form the core of the Network of Innovative Cities.

CICI2010 is held in parallel with other events such as the International Conference on Social Networks, the 1st International Workshop on Medium-Sized Cities and the 2nd Meeting of Local Governments of India, Brazil and South Africa. It includes the launch of the project "Curitiba, Innovative City 2030", which aims to transform the city and its metropolitan area in a propitious space for innovation, education and the emergence of a more sustainable industry.


The objective of this global conference is to develop bilateral partnerships and a multilateral, global network of actors involved in urban development and innovation, promoting a permanent exchange of innovative technologies of all sorts (including the social ones) among connected cities.

- To collect lessons learned and share best practice examples on innovation in urban development

- To establish bilateral and multilateral partnerships between local government representatives and experts in urban development and the planning field

See the following link for conference programme:

A backbone of the conference has been outlined, including the four major themes, divided by the days of the event

Four Days, Four Major Themes:

1 - The Revival of Cities | Remarkable experiences on social and technological innovations that are competing for the construction of a new urban environment (including the environment for the development of the new industry)

2 - The reinvention of the government from cities | Remarkable experiences on management innovations (including urban planning and management of policies and innovative programs)| Remarkable experiences on political innovations (including policies and politics) | The City as "Living Organism".

3 - The development governance in cities | Remarkable experiences on innovations for the endogenous development | Remarkable experiences on innovations for sustainability | The City as a Network and Sustainability of Cities.

4 - Networking City and City Networks | Presentation of the FIEP-OPTI project, 'Curitiba, Innovative City' | Formation of the Innovative Cities Network initial center.

Local authorities, local government representatives, and experts in the field of urban planning and development.

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