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NYU Women's Initiative: A Road Map to Making Successful Pitch

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NYU Women's Initiative: A Road Map to Making Successful Pitch

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New York City , United States
6 Jun 2018
Duration of event:
1 Days
Programme Area:
Local Development, Peacemaking and Conflict Prevention
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No Fee
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This workshop, sponsored by the United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR) and in corporation with the NYU Women's Initiative (alumni), builds on Jim Arnoff's experience as an agent in the entertainment industry where he pitches series to the television networks, his training as a career coach and his leading pitching workshops in the entertainment industry/women in finance/NYU.

The goal of the Women's Initiative is to engage NYU's more than 200,000 alumnae in the intellectual, cultural, and educational life of the University. Programs and events featuring outstanding NYU faculty and alumnae provide graduates opportunities to return to the University, meet prominent leaders and scholars, and continue lifelong learning. The mission statement of the NYU Women’s Initiative is to empower women through educational, cultural or networking events.

To enable participants to:

- learn the skills of pitching powerfully

-  eliminate the blocks to pitching with results

-  gain an awareness to speak with more effective language

-  embrace their natural way of communicating

-  create an action plan to pitch in the most effective way.

The structure is highly interactive with the participants involved from the very moment the training begins to the very end.

Opening introduction by the participants where Jim gives feedback on the words used to strengthen their presentations.

Interactive segment on what is pitching - differentiating between what makes and doesn't make a powerful pitch.

Interactive segment on what gets in the way of the participants pitching with strong results, and on how to reframe those blocks into powerful pitching. Final go around by the participants with key take-away.


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