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Public Speaking: Delivering a Compelling Message

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Public Speaking: Delivering a Compelling Message

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Geneva, Switzerland
30 Oct 2014 to 31 Oct 2014
Duration of event:
2 Days
Programme Area:
Peace Security and Diplomacy, Multilateral Diplomacy
Specific Target Audience:
Core Diplomatic Training
UNITAR is delighted to announce that a limited number of fellowships are available.
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Event Focal Point Contact Number:
+41 22 917 86 77
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Many professionals experience fear and dread when asked to speak in public. But what if your capacity to speak in public were perceived by your colleagues not as a weakness, but as one of your core strengths? 

Since public speaking is regarded as an indispensable but difficult art, professionals who excel in delivering their message to an audience are immediately perceived as excellent communicators and as being appropriate candidates for leadership roles. To advance oneself professionally, it is essential to improve one’s capacity to deliver a persuasive speech or talk - whether the speech in question is an informal or impromptu talk delivered by a leader to his or her team-members designed to encourage, motivate and inspire them; or a formal presentation of your organisation’s mission delivered to the public-at-large. 

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and formulate succinctly the core message they need to deliver;
  • Structure their presentation such that this message makes maximum and persuasive impact;
  • Deliver their message as a compelling speaker who speaks to the hearts and minds of the particular audience. 

Most audiences remember particular public-speakers at, let’s say, a conference, not because of the superiority of the content of their speech, but because the speaker appears to possess charisma, confidence or charm. However, contrary to popular belief, public-speaking is not a skill that some people are simply born with, and that others can never hope to possess. 

What persuasive and inspirational public-speakers appear to possess as a natural gift, can, in fact, be broken down into a set of learned skills and behaviours. And this skill-set, when trainers create the right conditions for good practice, can be acquired and appropriated. The set of acquirable skills includes: 
  • powerful voice-projection and variation 
  • culturally-sensitive eye-contact and confident body-language
  • the appropriate use of humour and anecdotes, images and analogies
  • the delivery of a concise but powerful message custom-made for your specific audience
  • a speaking performance that gives the impression of spontaneity, and therefore, of authenticity.  
Our methodology rejects the idea that improved public-speaking is achieved through providing participants with a theoretical apparatus, which, after the training, they are supposed to implement themselves. As with any practical, behavioural skill, radical improvement is achieved when repeated practice is combined with hands-on, instantaneous and targeted feedback. 

Contrary to the notion that gifted public-speakers are simply born, our trainers identify and improve the particular areas you need to improve on, to give the impression of spontaneity and confidence. Drawing on the latest modern techniques in the ancient art of rhetoric (the skill of oration and persuasion), our trainers provide you with feedback enabling you to make immediate adjustments and improvements during the course at a behavioural - rather than simply at a theoretical - level. Throughout the workshop, your voice-projection, your gestures and body-language, your presence before the group, your powers of persuasion will all be refined so that your presentations deliver a powerful message that moves your audience to act.

This workshop is open to members of Permanent Missions and delegates of Ministries of Foreign Affairs and other government officials, representatives of international, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organisations. Senior managers from the private sector are equally invited to benefit from this unique workshop. 

The workshop will take place from 09:00-12:30 and 13:30-17:00, at the International Environment House (IEH), Chemin des Anémones 11-13, 1219 Châtelaine. The workshop will be conducted in English.  

The workshop participation fee is 1000 USD. 
UNITAR is delighted to announce that a limited number of fellowships are available. Please select this link for more information:
For more information, please write an email to or call +41 (0)22 917 87 77 or visit
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