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The role of honorary consuls in times of crisis - UNITAR Virtual Forum on Capacity Development for Honorary Consuls

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The role of honorary consuls in times of crisis - UNITAR Virtual Forum on Capacity Development for Honorary Consuls

Multilateral Diplomacy
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Web Based
30 Jun 2020
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1 Days
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Special event, Multilateral Diplomacy, International Law
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Many governments, including those of LDS and SIDS, are increasingly reliant on honorary consuls to serve key functions to support state-state engagement, as well as citizen support (such as repatriation efforts and crisis intervention), and foreign direct investment. However, until now no comprehensive training programme to provide Honorary Consuls with the necessary knowledge and skills has existed.

To remedy this gap UNITAR has developed two training programmes focused on international diplomatic law for honorary consuls that will provide participants with a full range of skills and understanding related to the post of Honorary Consul. Both programmes include insights into the obligations, privileges, and immunities of honorary consuls under international law as well as several practical skills necessary to effectively fulfil their duties:

Both programmes will be launched through a virtual forum on 30th June at 11 am CET. The contribution of relevant stakeholders during the virtual forum will contribute to the progressive development of the training materials and encourage a stronger and more effective honorary consul corps through training and capacity development.

UNITAR has developed these programmes in cooperation with Professor J. Craig Barker (Dean of the School of Law and Social Sciences at London South Bank University) and Richard H.Griffiths, Esq (Senior Advisor at Dentons Global Law Firm). 

UNITAR kindly invites key stakeholders to this virtual summit where attendees can gain practical insights regarding training and education programs for current, new and proposed members of the honorary consul corps.

The virtual forum will be divided into two one-hour sessions.

Session 1: Contemporary use of the Honorary Consuls Corp:

  • The legal position of honorary consuls in Foreign Policy;
  • The importance of Honorary consuls in supporting LDCs and SIDS;
  • The historic development and the emerging trends of consular interaction;

Speakers: Foreign Minister/Head of State, UNITAR

Session 2: The Need for training, Education and capacity development:

  • UNITAR’s role in training honorary consuls;
  • The importance of targeting and capacity development for honorary consuls in a fast moving environment,
  • Core skills for honorary consuls that need to be addressed;

Speakers: UNITAR, Honorary Consuls

The virtual forum will take place on 30th June 2020 at 11 am CET via the platform Zoom and will be streamed life. The virtual forum will be divided into 2 one hour session which each session comprising a 45-minute roundtable discussion with up to 5 high-level speakers including a moderator, followed by a 15-minute break. Participants will have the opportunity to submit their questions via the zoom chat function and the moderators will make a pre-selection before posing the question to the experts.

The envisioned 150 to 200 attendees to the forum will be from a wide and diverse group of stakeholders including;

  • Senior Government officials (Foreign Ministers, Ambassadors);
  • UN officials (UNITAR, ILC, Protocol);
  • Current Honorary Consuls and members of the diplomatic corps;
  • Diplomatic law and international law scholars;
  • Expert advisors to Governments (law firms, consultants).

The virtual forum will take place via Zoom.

Basic system requirements: 

  • Stable internet connection 
  • Speakers and a microphone  
  • A webcam or HD webcam  
  • Or, a HD cam or HD camcorder with video capture card 

Please see further information about all technical requirements for participating in this e-workshop here: 

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