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Second GMG/KNOMAD Workshop on Learning - Educating in the 21st Century: Perfecting Learning on Capacity Development Projects

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Second GMG/KNOMAD Workshop on Learning - Educating in the 21st Century: Perfecting Learning on Capacity Development Projects

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Geneva, Switzerland
14 Mar 2014
Duration of event:
1 Days
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Local Development, Migration
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A well-respected academic was asked to define a “lecture” and humorously replied “the process by which lecture notes pass from lecturer to audience without passing through the brains of either”. This statement invites practitioners to reconsider our traditional approaches to learning. Learning (the use of information and knowledge) is one of the primary means employed to build capacity, often integral to the achievement of development goals.  The business of adult learning is being reinvented in an information and technologies (ICTs)-driven world where individuals are active seekers of knowledge and are - dramatically in some cases - agents of change. As such, effective learning must focus on research and knowledge creation demanded and successfully applied by its end-users. More than ever we must master the learning cycle, the process by which knowledge is created, dynamically transferred, successfully acquired, and its impact tested over time.  

The World Bank Institute (WBI) observes that “an evolution in learning is taking place in response to various challenges”. Chiefly, “learning programmes are … failing to reach beyond individual learning to organization or institutional learning that helps clients to achieve development objectives and build sustainable capacity. Poor learning outcomes often result from content that is insufficiently targeted to client needs and inadequately linked to capacity building strategies. Learning must become a strategic instrument…specifically designed to address capacity constraints… (ad sic)”
The IOM World Migration Report (WMR) (2010) on Capacity Building and the partial GMG assessment of training activities also undertaken in 2010 drew out similar observations, namely: that a number of sectors and regions are under-serviced by training activities; there is a lack of ownership in capacity development activities; these are often donor rather than demand-driven and that there is a lack of methodological rigour at all stages in the learning cycle. 
A first GMG/KNOMAD Workshop on Learning was held in New York on 15 November 2013. It focused on different types of learning; how to shape learning outcomes when developing training curricula; the role of facilitators; and the use of new technologies in learning. The results of this discussion are available at:

This second GMG/KNOMAD Workshop on Learning is intended to:

  • Share expertise from pre-eminent scholars and practitioners on how to effectively implement the learning cycle, including the relationship between learning and meeting capacity constraints;
  • Critically assess existing and in development GMG/KNOMAD learning tools and capacity development activities undertaken by the GMG, GMG agencies, and KNOMAD community;
  • Expose participants to new technologies that can support greater access and creative approaches to pedagogy;
  • Enhance understanding of effective M&E techniques and reporting;
  • Share insights on how to “capitalize without compromise” on the impact that open sources of knowledge and social media outlets can have on societal learning.
At the end of this GMG/KNOMAD Workshop on Learning, participants are expected to be able to:
  • Critically review the methodological approach to existing/in development knowledge products and capacity development projects of the GMG, GMG agencies, and KNOMAD community;
  • Identify the principle tenets of a learning cycle and describe how these relate to knowledge products and capacity development activities;
  • Describe how generic good practices in learning apply in the migration field;
  • Outline a pedagogical approach that fosters effective learning.

The basis for this Workshop will be to have the GMG, GMG agencies, and KNOMAD community present the main methodological aspects relating to current or in development knowledge products and/or capacity development activities.

The Workshop will be facilitated by experts from UNITAR, American University and New York University. Projects will be presented by ITC-ILO, UNWomen, JMDI, ICMPD, the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), and SDC/GIZ. 

The GMG Workshop on Learning will be open to GMG focal points, members of GMG agencies, the KNOMAD community, governments and other interested parties who are engaged or interested in learning processes.

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