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Session d’information sur les privilèges et immunités accordés aux diplomates accrédités auprès de l'ONUG

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Session d’information sur les privilèges et immunités accordés aux diplomates accrédités auprès de l'ONUG

Deadline: Closed
The registration is closed.
Geneva, Switzerland
30 Aug 2010
Duration of event:
1 Days
Programme Area:
Multilateral Diplomacy
Specific Target Audience:
Core Diplomatic Training
No Fee
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Diplomatic privileges and immunities help promote an efficient performance of Member State diplomatic missions around the world. This norm of international law serves as a tool to facilitate relations between nations by codifying how state representatives fit into the legal system of a given post. In this spirit, this half-day briefing will allow Geneva-based diplomats to more efficiently perform the functions of their respective diplomatic missions by examining the basic tenets of privileges and immunities in the multilateral context.

At the end of this briefing, participants should be able to:
• Identify the privileges and immunities granted to Geneva-based diplomats;
• Define their purpose and fundamental principles;
• Apply them to hypothetical and real-world case studies in the multilateral context.

The course will be conducted in French and will include the following elements:
• Real cases studies: newspapers/internet-articles 
• General background and history
• Purpose 
• Application of privileges
• The legal sources 
• At the mission and individual level

A senior representative of the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations and other International Organizations to the United Nations Office at Geneva will conduct the briefing by engaging participants with a presentation and offering relevant case studies of privileges and immuniites and a detailed discussion of its implications in the diplomatic environment.

The briefing is open to members of Permanent Missions accredited to the United Nations Office at Geneva, irrespective of their ranks and functions, in particular recently accredited diplomats from developing countries who are new to a multilateral environment and those who are in charge of protocol at their Permanent Mission.

Applicants are encouraged to also apply to the complementary workshop that follows this briefing, entitled Workshop on Diplomatic Protocol for Geneva-based Diplomats, from August 31 to September 1, 2010.

If necessary, UNITAR reserves the right to make a selection among candidates. The selected candidates are requested to regard their participation as a firm commitment and to attend the course in its entirety. Please do not apply if you think you may not be able to attend all sessions.

As from 1 July 2010, participation of delegates from OECD Member States is subject to a semi-annual subscription for core diplomatic training courses in Geneva (see letter CL/rha/10/249).

Delegates of non-OECD Member States may still participate free of charge. Other individuals wishing to participate may contact the UNITAR’s Mulitlateral Diplomacy Programme to inquire about the terms and conditions. 

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