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Social Media and Democratric Governance

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Social Media and Democratric Governance

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New York, United States
17 Dec 2012
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1 Days
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Governance, Social Media
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This is a whole new world. The rapid adoption of social media fundamentally transforms the way of communicating and learning. Social media closes the gap between poorer and richer in access to information and communication channels. We have testified the power of social media in stirring emotions, winning elections and triggering revolutions. Politicians and Protestors both communicate through Twitter, as well as keep Facebook pages. To this end, how social media has become an essential element of populace movement and for political campaigns. The notion of democratization becomes a possibility for everyone, even if the foundations of democratic governance are not secure. What defines a culture of democratic governance in a world of social media? Can social media facilitate transparency and accountability or is this only at one level if the government does not have the capacity to deliver public services fairly to all people? Can social media exacerbate frustration, and paradoxically lead to a government to be less open and free in reaction to protest movements? Finally, can social media
play a fundamental role in democracy education?

In other words – is social media leading to a more transparent and accountable democratic society- or ultimately one that is less free, more controlled in reaction to the power of social media.The main conclusions and outcomes of this workshop will be presented and debated during the 3rd edition of the Estoril Conferences taking place between April 30 and May 3rd 2013 in Portugal.

Through presentations by experts and interactive sessions, we want to present examples, and collect ideas and insights that can help answer these questions, and ultimately formulate concrete suggestions for a more effective use of social media and consequently contribute towards effective governance. In addition, this workshop will examine the impact of social media on the UN and how it has facilitated or enhanced its role global governance.

The workshop will take place on 17 December, 10:00 am to 5:30 pm in Conference Room A (North Lawn Building) at the United Nation Headquarters in New York.

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