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UNITAR Fellowship for Afghanistan: Coaching for Coaches Session IV

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UNITAR Fellowship for Afghanistan: Coaching for Coaches Session IV

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Hiroshima, Japan & Web Based
6 Apr 2010
Duration of event:
1 Days
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Peacemaking and Conflict Prevention, Training for Trainers
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In the Fellowship for Afghanistan each Mentor/Coach team commits to oversee at least one group of four to five Fellows for the duration of the Fellowship. Mentors are experts, practitioners, or academics in a variety of disciplines who are based in different countries. Coaches selected from the most committed and capable graduates of previous Fellowship Cycles constitute the Fellowship’s mentoring arm in Afghanistan. To guide and support the Coaches in fulfilling their roles a training module on Coaching for Coaches is offered.




After careful selection of committed and competent alumni as Coaches, the objective of the Coaching for Coaches Seminars is to provide them with the appropriate training and preparation to serve in this role as team facilitator and mentor. This training of trainers initiative plays a key part in ensuring the success of the Fellowship programme. At th conclusion of this Series of Coaching for Coaches Seminars, linking Kabul, Hiroshima, Phoenix and Seattle, participants will have covered themes including;

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution and Motivation
  • Needs Assessments
  • Project Planning
  • Roles and Expectations

Seminar IV on Conflict Resolution and Motivation deals with two situations which occur more than usual in the post-conflict Afghan environment. The Fellows and Coaches have identified these two areas as requiring specific attention. After a presentation on tools for management of conflict and maintenance of team motivation used by team facilitators and coaches, Coaches are asked to draw on their experiences to share best practices in the Afghan context.

The Coaching for Coaches Module starts before the official launch of the Fellowship. Throughout the year eight web-based seminars, and two on-site working sessions are conducted. The on-site working sessions also include Fellows and Mentors, ensuring that all players develop a better understanding of their roles and what is expected of them.

To facilitate the Coaches’ responsibility of guiding the Fellows through their assignments, the first six web-based sessions are conducted prior to the official launch of the Fellowship with a view to ensuring their timely preparation. Two subsequent web sessions conducted during the Fellowship Cycle primarily focus on the challenges faced by Coaches thus far. Prior to each session, Coaches are given assignments and background readings. In addition they are asked to facilitate the Fellowship Orientation workshop, the UNITAR-ACTRA Web Seminars (ACTRA is an alumni association of Afghan professionals trained by UNITAR), as well as After Action Reviews at workshops I, II and III throughout the Cycle.

The Seminar Series is offered to the Fellowship Alumni who are selected as Coaches, new international Mentors, as well as Afghan Faculty-in-training. The Series consists of eight seminars and hands-on training, and UNITAR awards certificates to those who complete the full Cycle as Coaches.

The working language of the training seminar is English.

 For any questions please contact Ms. Humaira Khan-Kamal at, or Mr. Sabahuddin Sokout at

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