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Workshop on Promoting Gender Mainstreaming and Womens Leadership and Empowerment

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Workshop on Promoting Gender Mainstreaming and Womens Leadership and Empowerment

Cross-fertilizing Knowledge
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Nairobi, Kenya
18 May 2020 to 20 May 2020
Duration of event:
3 Days
Programme Area:
Multilateral Diplomacy
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Traditional gender stereotypes exclude women from power or restrict them to governance positions of ‘soft’ areas. Such traditional roles paint men and models of masculinity as the most appropriate power holders and influencers. This leads to a perpetuation of traditional functions and stereotypes which associate violent tendencies with men and portray them as dominant methods for approaching issues and conflicts in everyday life. The resulting gender-based discrimination and inequality are obstacles to social and economic progress.
In order to be a successful leader, women need certain essential skills and qualities such as strategic vision, communication skills, leadership skills and public speaking abilities in order to thrive in leadership positions. Societal and economic factors might be obstacles for women to have ease of access to obtain these necessary skills.

Focusing on women empowerment and gender equality has a massive multiplier effect, including promoting peace and security, providing equal opportunities in society and the labour market, and achieving sustainable development for developing countries.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Promoting and enhancing knowledge of participants on the importance of women’s safety at their workplace and at home, and particularly how to combat all forms of gender-based violence;
  • Developing the capacities of participants to be more gender sensitive at national levels and understand the importance of women leadership and roles in government, diplomacy, and civil society;
  • Strengthening leadership skills of women in government and diplomacy and promoted their participation in decision-making processes.

The workshop will be a three-day programme devoted to educating on women’s security, particularly focusing on combating all forms of gender-based violence, to improve knowledge regarding the urgency of having more women leaders in the world to reach true equality. The workshop will also focus on skills development trainings that are expected to encourage and promote women’s full and effective participation and leadership at all levels of political decision-making as well as women’s economic empowerment to make equality a working reality.

The project will be designed for up to 30 government officials and representatives, including 20 women. The first day of the workshop on Promoting Gender Mainstreaming and Women’s Empowerment and Leadership will target all diplomats – 20 women and 10 men, whereas the following two days will target exclusively 20 women diplomats from the Permanent Missions accredited at UNON.

The workshop will take place from 18 to 20 May 2020 at the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON) Kenya.

The workshop will be conducted in English. Participants will be provided with a set of training material at the beginning of the event. Certificates will be awarded to participants who have successfully followed the workshop in its entirety.

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