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Ageing and Disabilities Innovation Bootcamp

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Ageing and Disabilities Innovation Bootcamp

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Accelerating SDG Implementation
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5 Jul 2021 a 7 Jul 2021
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3 Días
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Special event
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University of Geneva, Tsinghua University
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The SDG Innovation Bootcamps are a series of short programs (online or hybrid) aimed at a new generation of impact entrepreneurs, willing to collectively act in order to identify, delineate and address outstanding challenges for the SDGs, through open innovation.

SDG Innovation Bootcamps are organized in preparation of

  • Hackathons
  • Hackathon Festivals 
  • Open Geneva 
  •  SDG Open Hack!

The training aims to deliver education on global challenges and methodologies for innovations associated with the elderly and disabled populations, with focus on Autism and Smart Cities for inclusion. 

This training will equip participants with soft and field skills to enable the formulation of innovative ideas to global challenges associated with the elderly and people with special needs. Participants will gain background on the global situation of Ageing and Disabilities, with focus on the  Asia-Pacific region, and will be able to collectively formulate innovation ideas-propositions on associated challenges, through the design of their Innovation canvas and effective communication (pitch) of their innovation. 

This training consists of 3 consecutive Days of 2h live content each. Participants engage in group work, microlearning and preparation after each day: 

1. Briefing Day with Background briefings on: 

  • Health technology and medical innovation: why open-source is vital
  • Autism
  • Smart Cities for the Elderly and People with Disabilities
  • Interactive workshop: Empathy Maps


2. Methodology Day with methodological expert workshops on: 

  • Introduction to SDGs and Innovation 
  • Problem Identification and Framing
  • Build your SDG Innovation Canvas
  • Community building / Engaging your users 


3. Synthesis Days. Participants synthesize their learnings:  

  • Plenary Idea sharing session (group pitching)
  • Feedback and plenary with invited experts on "Opportunities and Future Perspectives on innovation for Health and Ageing and Disabilities"
  • Learning Reflection Activity 

The methodology used combines primarily field skills on the two focused topics of Autism and Smart Cities for inclusion of the elderly and disabled populations, to equip participants with background information on challenges and opportunities associated with these global issues, and soft skills, to enable, activate and develop the innovation competencies and capacities of participants for the formulation and generation of conceptual and technological innovations. 

The audience comprises of students, young entrepreneurs, professionals form the private sector and NGOs and consultants of International Organizations. Participants come from around the world, while outreach is focused on developing countries and the Asia-Pacific region.