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AYC UNITAR Training on Assertiveness & Influencing and Public & Digital Diplomacy

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AYC UNITAR Training on Assertiveness & Influencing and Public & Digital Diplomacy

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Multilateral Diplomacy
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Basado en web
29 Ago 2021 a 31 Ago 2021
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3 Días
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Assertiveness & Influencing and Public & Digital Diplomacy
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The overall goal of this project is to strengthen the knowledge and skills of young Arab leaders through an online training programme made up by two components on assertiveness & influencing and public & digital diplomacy. As a result of the training, young Arab diplomatic leaders will be better equipped and will represent more effectively Arab countries in international forums.

The training programme will consist of two main components, articulated as follows:

1. Assertiveness & Influencing

This component looks at the various ways in which we influence people, at techniques of listening and questioning, and how our preferred behavior patterns control how we interact with other and how we may become more assertive without becoming aggressive.


2. Public and Digital Diplomacy in a Multipolar World

This component does not only help identify the negotiation aspects of digital diplomacy but also the ways to find relevant and accurate information on the internet. Furthermore, participants will also learn the Internet related concepts, terminologies and the use of digital diplomacy to promote broader diplomatic strategy and better represent, defend and promote their countries.

For each component, participants will be provided with a comprehensive set of training material to enable them to participate in a well-informed, effective and prepared manner. The material used throughout the training programme is also intended to serve as a useful reference documentation that can also be shared with colleagues.

This training program takes place in English language and is dedicated to up to 100 young Arab leaders, between the age of 15 and 35 years old.